Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration - Second Degree Hotel Administration

This accelerated program is available to applicants who have already earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, and makes it possible to earn a second Bachelor of Science degree, with a major in Hospitality Management in as little as three semesters. All applicants must meet the university’s requirements for admission and are required to complete a minimum of 37 credits as a major in the College of Hotel Administration.

Note: Applicants with management experience and qualifying undergraduate academic records should consider application to the Master’s of Science in Hotel Administration Program or the executive online Master’s of Hospitality Administration Program.

Degree Worksheets

Every two years the university publishes a new undergraduate catalog with the rules that govern the various undergraduate programs. Degree requirements may change from one catalog to the next so it is important to know which catalog you are following. Generally, you will use the catalog in effect during the semester you were admitted or changed your major. As an example, the 2008–2010 catalog is for students admitted in Fall 2008 through Summer 2010. Select a catalog year below.

Program Requirements

Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than hospitality/hotel administration prior to being admitted to the Harrah College of Hospitality’s Second Degree program. Candidates in the process of completing their first degree program can apply. However, an official final transcript, showing the earned bachelor's degree, must be provided prior to the end of the first semester at UNLV to remain in the program. Call the Office for Student Advising (702-895-3616) to make an appointment with an advisor to discuss the program prerequisites prior to enrolling. Program prerequisites not earned prior to admission to UNLV can be taken concurrently with the required core classes provided all course prerequisites are met prior to enrolling.

Elective Courses

Nine credits of electives are required. All electives must be upper division (300-400 level) courses offered by the Harrah College of Hospitality and should be consistent with your career objectives. It is highly recommended that one of the electives be used to complete an internship.

Note that since the program has a minimum requirement of 37 UNLV credits, any required core course for which a student is given credit from his or her first degree, must be replaced by an upper division elective course of equal credit, and will be added to the number of elective credits required.

Work Experience Requirement

While classroom lectures are important to any subject area, nothing can compare to actual work experience in the field. The unique business environment of the Las Vegas area provides numerous opportunities for students to obtain the practical work experience required by the college for graduation.

Second degree students must complete a total of 500 hours of practical work experience. This work experience must be in areas within the hospitality industry and should reflect the student’s career objectives.

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