Life in Honors

Being an Honors student at UNLV means much more than just taking advanced classes. When you choose Honors, you'll be joining a distinct community of students who enjoy exclusive benefits and opportunities.

Group of people in a classroom

Advanced Academics

You love a challenge, and we deliver. In our advanced set of Honors core courses and seminars, you'll feed off the energy of passionate professors and like-minded students as you get pushed to your intellectual limits.

Student talking to an advisor

Personalized Support

You are definitely not in this alone. Our private Honors suite, located in the center of UNLV, is your home base where you can study, meet friends, and have direct access to our first-class academic advisors and faculty. We'll keep you grounded and on track.

Exclusive Opportunities

Exclusive Opportunities

You are full of creative ideas and big dreams. As an Honors student, you can make the most of every one. Conduct and publish original research, study abroad, land competitive internships and summer assistantships, and do meaningful community service.

Tight-Knit Community

Tight-Knit Community

Life as an Honors student at UNLV extends far beyond classrooms and labs. Here, you'll find an active, close-knit community of students who live their lives together.