Program Objectives

  • To promote student success, retention and graduation by providing first-year students with substantial guidance and support;
  • To provide upperclassmen with meaningful opportunities to develop skills in leadership, programming, relationship building, and wellness education;
  • To instill a sense of belonging in the Honors College community, thereby strengthening students’ commitment to their academic and personal goals;
  • To connect first-year students with campus resources, events, organizations, and opportunities that match their interests and passions;

HC Mentor Responsibilities

Before applying, please ensure that your academic and personal commitments will allow you to fulfill the mentor responsibilities. Recipients will be expected to:

  • Satisfy all elements of the HC Mentor contract and maintain regular communication with the program coordinator;
  • Initiate contact with their assigned first-year students starting in August and continue regular contact throughout the Fall semester;
  • Attend and assist in the coordination of all program events (e.g., Pre-semester meeting with program coordinator, Welcome Day, Mentor/Mentee events, etc.);
  • Facilitate and be available for group and one-on-one meetings with their mentees;
  • Make mentees aware of events, resources, opportunities and support services within the Honors College and across campus;
  • Check Rebelmail on a daily basis for communication from the Honors College or their mentees and respond appropriately within 48 hours;
  • Remain active within the Honors College community and encourage mentees to do the same;

In order to confirm their award, selected students will be required to sign the HC Mentor Contract which further details all mentor responsibilities.

HC Mentor Application

Applications for the HC Mentor Program are processed through the campus-wide Peer Mentoring initiative. When completing the application, please be sure to click "Honors College" when prompted to select the program for which you want to apply.

Applications must be submitted by Sunday, February 27, 2022.

*Please note that UNLV is currently accepting applications for Peer Mentor positions in every college via a centralized application process, meaning that the application for the HC Mentor Program is the same as the application for other Peer Mentor programs. Some of the details of the HC Mentor position differ from the general UNLV Peer Mentor job description, though role responsibilities are the same. To apply for the HC Mentor Program, simply select the “Honors College” within the application.

You may apply to other Peer Mentor programs by resubmitting the application with a different college selected. Note, however, that students can only work in one Peer Mentor program at a time (e.g. an applicant who is a Biology major and enrolled in the Honors College may submit an application to the College of Sciences and a separate application to the Honors College, but that applicant may only be hired as a Peer Mentor in either the Honors College or the College of Sciences).