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Andrew Hanson, Ph.D.
Honors College Dean and Associate Professor of Geoscience

Welcome to UNLV’s Honors College – a home of academic excellence since 1985! The Honors College is truly an exceptional place that offers a wide variety of outstanding educational options for high achieving students.

What is the Honors College, you might ask?

The Honors College provides an engaging, thought-provoking curriculum, along with challenging experiences to Honors students whose academic majors and interests vary widely. Whether your plans are to go on to medical school, law school, a graduate program, or into the workforce, we work to ensure that you can think critically, communicate effectively, and lead boldly in your workplace, community, and personal life. In short, we strive to help outstanding students achieve their highest potential.

My predecessor, UNLV President Marta Meana, used to say that being an Honors College student isn’t about “having to do anything – it’s about wanting to – it’s about striving to excel – which is as life affirming an effort as you can get.” The Honors College is a place for high-achieving students who want to hone their skills at the highest level at UNLV and beyond.

In its 30+ years of existence, the Honors College has grown tremendously and today is more than 1,200 students strong. We are housed in a beautiful space in the Rogers Literature and Law building that includes a private study lounge, computer lab, and the offices of our faculty and staff.

Honors College faculty are all world-class professors who care deeply about your growth and success. Many of our great classes are unique and only available to Honors College students. Our classes are small and you can make lasting personal and professional connections with other high-achieving individuals.

Throughout the year, Honors College students engage in numerous social events like our Coffee House Night, Friendsgiving, Spring Picnic, and Talent Show, to name a few.

Honors College students apply for, and are awarded, numerous nationally competitive awards every year. These include the Truman Scholarship (pubic service), the Goldwater Scholarship (STEM), and the Pickering/Rangel scholarships (foreign affairs).

As Dean of the college, I interact with students on a daily basis and work to ensure the success of every student in the Honors College. So, stop by my door and introduce yourself, ask questions, or simply say hi!

Andrew Hanson, Ph.D.
Honors College Dean and Associate Professor of Geoscience