Graduate Showcase

The Graduate College is proud to bring you the fourth annual Graduate Showcase. This event highlights exceptional graduate student research at UNLV, and we welcome applications from all graduate and professional student researchers. In addition, this year the Graduate Showcase serves as the capstone event for Grad Rebel Appreciation Week.

This event also fulfills the major campus research event requirement for the Grad Rebel Advantage Program. Please see the program website for additional information.

Upcoming Events

This event has passed, but please check out details from our past event.

Great Benefits

All participants who advance to Phase 3 will receive several one-on-one coaching sessions, $1,500 scholarship and campus recognition.

What is the Graduate Showcase?

The Graduate Showcase is an opportunity for participants to tell the world about their research. Those who advance to Phase 3 will receive several one-on-one coaching sessions to help craft a speech that is for a broad audience. By presenting their research in a symposium-style setting at this featured campus and community event, winners will gain valuable professional experience. Beyond this community and campus recognition, winners will be featured in a spotlight article on the UNLV Graduate College website and will receive a $1500 Access Grant.

How Does the Showcase Progress?

Phase 1 - Submit Your Video & Application

Applicants submit an initial video (no longer than two minutes in length). This video should convey who you are, what topic you propose to speak on, and the broader impacts of your research.

Phase 2 – Invitation to Present to Showcase Review Panel

Selected contestants will present their research to the Showcase Review Panel. Presentations should be no longer than five minutes and a PowerPoint Presentation is required.

Phase 3 - Graduate Showcase Event & Presentation

Finalists who advance from the second round will present their research at the Graduate Showcase on Friday, April 10, 2020. In addition, finalists will be filmed and videos will be posted on the Graduate College YouTube channel. Graduate/professional students will also be awarded a $1500 Access Grant. 

Event Participation Information

To qualify for consideration, contestants must submit the required materials by Sunday, November 17, 2019. Please submit the Application Form (below) to after you have shared your two minute video (instructions below) so that we may begin reviewing application materials immediately.

Required Materials

  1. Application Form - Download and complete, requires advisor signature.
  2. Two Minute Video - Provide a video no longer than two minutes in length telling us who you are, what topic you would speak on, and what the broader impacts of your research are.
    • To Submit Your Video:
      • You must create a YouTube channel (if you do not already have one). For help in creating a channel, please visit the YouTube Help page.
      • Click the Upload button in the top right hand corner of the page.
      • Before you start uploading the video, change the privacy setting to Private from the drop-down menu.
      • In the Share To box, type in
      • Select the video you’d like to upload from your computer.
      • Your video should be titled as follows: Last_First Initial_GradShowcaseVideoSubmission
      • Share the video.

Tips for Success

Recap from Past Graduate Showcase Events


The 2018 Graduate Showcase was held during UNLV's Research Week and during #RebelsGive, UNLV's inaugural giving day.


The 2017 event theme was: Celebrating our Accomplishments, Imagining our Future. The Graduate College also celebrated its 50th anniversary of awarding graduate degrees at UNLV.


The 2016 event was also a recognized 2016 Presidential Debate event. The 2016 event theme was Presidential Election Issues.

Read about the 2016 Graduate Showcase in the UNLV News Center.

Please be advised that your participation in the Graduate Showcase event may amount to a public disclosure which could jeopardize your ability to obtain patent protection in certain jurisdictions. As a student, prior to participating and openly sharing the details of your project, you may want to seek legal counsel. Regarding faculty, staff member or employee of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, please contact the Office of Economic Development regarding any disclosure you plan to share or otherwise present to ensure compliance with NSHE policy and to best advise you on how to protect any intellectual property that may arise from your project.