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Graduate Showcase

The Graduate Showcase highlights the incredible research, scholarly, and creative activity happening among the graduate student community at UNLV.  During graduate school, students spend countless hours researching, studying, learning from others in their field, creating new knowledge, and preparing for their future even as they improve ours. This is the value of graduate education: it changes lives, provides leaders in every field, and has a positive impact on the collective whole. The presenters at Graduate Showcase are an example of this.

Upcoming Events

This event has passed, but please check out details from our past event.

Recaps from Past Graduate Showcase Events


  • Jeremy Smallwood, Physics and Astronomy
  • Lili Equihua, Couple & Family Therapy
  • Shekhar Singh, Computer Science 
  • Mathew Sunil Varre, Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences 
  • Maryam Rad, Teaching & Learning
  • Harjiv Singh, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences


  • Shaimaa Abdelhaleem, Geoscience
  • Trevor Dotson, Theatre
  • Eric Fries, Anthropology
  • Maria Ramos Gonzalez, Mechanical Engineering
  • Tiffany Pereira, Biological Sciences
  • Marta Soligo, Sociology


  • Kristin Withey, Educational and Clinical Studies
  • Michael Moncfrieff, Department of Anthropology
  • Sharang Chaudhry, Mathematical Sciences
  • Surbhi Sharma, Life Sciences
  • Anthony Waddle, Life Sciences
  • Bree Boppre, Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Kazi Tamaddun, Civil and Environmental Engineering 


  • Chandlar Hassan, Chemistry
  • Katelyn DiBenedetto, Anthropology
  • Gabriela Tscholl, Communication Studies
  • Nathan Henceroth, Political Science
  • Jacqueline Phan, Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Srikanth Madala, Mechanical Engineering
  • Michael Biesiada, Public Policy & Leadership

Please be advised that your participation in the Graduate Showcase event may amount to a public disclosure which could jeopardize your ability to obtain patent protection in certain jurisdictions. As a student, prior to participating and openly sharing the details of your project, you may want to seek legal counsel. Regarding faculty, staff member or employee of the University of Nevada Las Vegas, please contact the Office of Economic Development regarding any disclosure you plan to share or otherwise present to ensure compliance with NSHE policy and to best advise you on how to protect any intellectual property that may arise from your project.