Graduate Financial Literacy & Wellness Certification

The Graduate Financial Literacy & Wellness Certification (GFLWC) is a free, semester-long professional development program that provides graduate students with the skills and knowledge necessary to plan for their future financial success. The Graduate College’s research- and expert-informed content will help participants learn about financial topics, steps they can take to improve their current financial situation, and how to create a future with minimal financial anxiety and stress. Students that have completed two Financial Literacy & Wellness Badges are invited to join the program. Once accepted into the program, participants must attend two mandatory cohort meetings, attend a Goals Coaching Session, and complete a Culminating Experience.

This is a medallion-qualifying program for UNLV graduate & professional students. For additional information, please see the Graduate College Medallion Program website.

Eligibility Requirements & Application Process

Any UNLV graduate or professional student who is enrolled and in good academic standing in a graduate degree program may apply, including students in their first semester.

The Online Graduate Financial Literacy & Wellness Certification Application can be found on The Grad Rebel Gateway. Please log in to the Grad Rebel Gateway and click on The Grad Academy tab to apply.

Please be prepared to provide the following information when completing your Graduate Financial Literacy & Wellness Certification Application:

  • CV/Resume
  • Letter of Interest
    • The Letter of Interest should address the following question: How do you believe that gaining knowledge about financial literacy and wellness will help you in your professional and career life? Please limit the response to a single page.
  • Endorser Name
    • You will identify the name and email address of a faculty member. They will receive a form to endorse your participation in the program.

Program Requirements

All program requirements need to be completed in full by the student in order to complete the program, receive a certificate of completion, and have the GFLWC completion noted on their UNLV transcript.

  • Students must complete 2 Financial Literacy & Wellness Badges
  • Students must attend all cohort meetings, which include: (1) an introductory meeting, and 2) a meeting at the end of the semester.
  • Students must make an appointment and attend a Goals Coaching Session
  • Students must complete a Culminating Experience

Fall 2022 Workshop Schedule

Students must complete 2 workshops to fulfill the requirements of each Financial Literacy & Wellness Badge. To see a full list of workshops, please visit the Financial Literacy & Wellness Badge website

Program Policies

  • Students must apply and be admitted before they can begin participating in the program.
  • Once admitted, students must complete all program requirements in one semester with their cohort.
  • All cohort meetings are mandatory.
  • If a student is not in good standing in their degree program, or if they create any problems as a participant in the program, they may be removed from the program at the discretion of the graduate college dean.
  • Please note that students may only participate in 2 of the following Graduate College programs during the academic year:
    • Post-Graduate Career Pathways
    • Teaching Certification
    • Research Certification
    • Mentorship Certification/Rebel Research and Mentorship Program (RAMP)
    • Financial Literacy & Wellness Certification
  • Students are allowed to participate in multiple programs each academic year. However, the requirements for each program must be completed in full. We will allow one workshop to overlap for multiple programs if: 1.) there is justification that the workshop makes sense for multiple programs; and 2.) the student has asked the program manager in advance.


Tuesday Talks: Your Questions Answered

The Graduate College will be hosting Tuesday Talks: Your Questions Answered for current The Grad Academy program participants. Please drop by on any of the following Tuesdays, 4-5 p.m., to ask us any questions you might have or just to check your progress: