General Information

One of the most essential services that the GPSA offers UNLV graduate and professional students is funding for research, conference/event travel, and other scholarly or professional development activities. The GPSA’s Research, Travel, and Professional Development Sponsorship Program supports projects that aid a student’s degree completion or contribute to their field of study. The GPSA has budgeted $175,000 for the Sponsorship Program this fiscal year. Funded applicants present their work at the Annual Graduate & Professional Student Research Forum held each spring.

Submit a Sponsorship Application

All applications must be submitted online via the link provided. Applicants should review the required application material guidelines thoroughly before submitting. Supplemental materials that may strengthen their overall application are also encouraged (if applicable). All materials provided must be the original work of the applicant.

The GPSA now offers a group application in addition to the individual application for funding. Group applications support at least two (2), up to ten (10), eligible students. Each student is considered for funding on an individual basis (determined by remaining funding eligibility, quality of the overall application, and each participant’s role outlined in the explanation of activities), but one application may be submitted for a group activity (such as co-presenters at a conference or combined fieldwork). Group applicants are encouraged to cut costs and to demonstrate this in the shared budget. This option is ideal for collaborative projects or group travel where the budget, supporting materials, and approval forms are the same. The explanation of activities should address each individual’s role in the activity in addition to the requirements outlined in the Sponsorship Program Operating Policy.

Late Applications

All applications are due by 11:59 p.m. (PST) on the day of the deadline. Late applications will not be considered unless accompanied by a Sponsorship Program Appeal form. The link to the appeal form will be automatically sent to the applicant after they have submitted their complete sponsorship application, we recommend checking all email folders for this link. The appeal form must be submitted within two business days and should address the conditions or circumstances that delayed or prevented the application from being submitted before the deadline. All sponsorship program appeals are reviewed by the GPSA Vice President. If the appeal is approved, the application will be sent to the Sponsorship Committee for review. If the appeal is denied, the application will be denied funding.

Example Scenarios for accepted sponsorship appeals include but are not limited to:

  • Student did not receive conference acceptance by the sponsorship application deadline (acceptance letter and date required)
  • Project/research dates or fieldsite were not established by the sponsorship application deadline (supporting documentation, such as an email chain or site access permission date are required)
  • Medical or family emergency
  • NOT accepted, last-minute technical difficulties or unforeseen equipment problems in software/hardware not managed by the GPSA.

Sponsorship Program Resources and Procedures

Applications are reviewed on a monthly basis by the Sponsorship Committee. Due to the detailed nature of sponsorship applications and the volume of requests we receive, applicants can expect to receive a funding decision within 4 to 8 weeks after their application is submitted. The Sponsorship Committee appreciates your patience during this time.

To assist applicants with creating high-quality applications, the Sponsorship Committee has provided several resources including an application material checklist, examples of standard materials, sponsorship application workshops throughout each semester, and the sponsorship program operating policy.

Please visit our resources page to see the GPSA Public Calendar and find out when our next Sponsorship Workshop is scheduled. Click on an event to add it to your personal calendar.

Application Materials Checklist

  1. Explanation of Activities
  2. Budget, detailed, and each line item justified
  3. Supporting documentation (budget cost comparisons as well as other supporting documents that may strengthen your application)
  4. Conference Acceptance (if applicable)
  5. Project Approvals (IRB, IACUC, FDA, etc., or proof approvals are being pursued)
  6. Faculty Endorsement (ensure a faculty member is prepared to endorse your application for sponsorship, a link will be sent to them automatically upon application submission)

Reimbursement and Modification Requests

Sponsorship Reimbursement Guidelines

GPSA sponsorship funding is reimbursement for costs incurred after return from travel or purchasing of materials. Upon return from travel, submit your award letter and two original documents as proof of attendance via this GPSA Sponsorship reimbursement form. Please send any questions to

NOTE: Project funding sponsored by the GPSA expires 12 months from the date of the award letter. Reimbursement requests must be submitted within this time frame or the award amount will be forfeited.

Travel (Conference/Event) Reimbursements

You must provide two items as proof of attendance in order to process your reimbursement. Do not submit receipts purchased under someone else’s credit card. Examples are provided below:

  1. Airline Itinerary: The receipt emailed to you from the airline. Must show the time/day you leave and return, the amount paid, and proof-of-payment (i.e. last four digits of your credit card and kind of card used).
  2. Hotel Folio: The final receipt from the hotel that details expenses (i.e. room rate, taxes, room service charges, etc.). Must show dates of stay, the amount paid, and proof-of-payment.
    1. If you share a room with a colleague: You must pay for your share of the room using a method under your name. You must show proof-of-payment; i.e. hotel folio must indicate this split charge, Airbnb split charge, or transfer of funds to colleague via electronic method such as Venmo or PayPal along with hotel folio/lodging receipt explaining how you split the charge.
  3. Conference Registration: The registration receipt for your conference. Must show proof-of-payment. Note that the GPSA cannot reimburse conference membership fees.

General notes on proof-of-payment: For cash payments, receipts showing cash payments are acceptable. For third-party online payments (e.g. PayPal, etc.), including credit card/bank statement showing the expense; PayPal receipts alone are not accepted.

Research Reimbursements

Research Materials (goods and services) should be purchased via departmental PCard. GPSA will reimburse students for travel expenses paid for by the student only.

Purchasing Supplies: Research equipment and materials must be purchased using a departmental credit card (PCard) or a purchase order. The department must reconcile their PCard in Workday against GPSA’s account and upload the student's award letter to be approved. The PCard reconciliation will not be approved without the student's GPSA Sponsorship award letter uploaded. Please note:

  1. You will not be reimbursed for items purchased using a personal credit card or for materials purchased prior to the award letter being provided.
  2. All equipment, materials, etc. purchased using GPSA funds must remain in your department for future use.
  3. Project funding sponsored by the GPSA expires 12 months from the date of the award letter.

These are basic instructions for your reimbursement. If your travel/research activities include other expenses and you are unsure of how to document them, or if you have any other questions, please call (702-895-2261) or email to reach the GPSA Manager.

Modification Application/Guidelines

Use this application to modify an existing GPSA Sponsorship award if any of the following apply:

  • Your travel or research plans have changed since receiving your GPSA award letter AND
    • You would like to request that your award be applied to a different scholarly activity.
      • The new activity should occur during the same cycle for which the original sponsorship funding was awarded.
    • You would like to request your award be applied to a different funding cycle (i.e. conference rescheduled or change of project start date).
    • You need to request an extension to use your funding due to expiration (GPSA funding expires 12 months from the date on your award letter).
  • If your project and timeline have significantly changed or you would like to apply the funds to an alternative event or conference, a new GPSA sponsorship application must be submitted.
    • If the regular cycle deadline has passed, please consider applying for GPSA Emergency Sponsorship

Modification Request Form