General Information

Graduate & Professional Student Research & Scholarly Activities

One of the most important services the GPSA offers for UNLV graduate and professional students is the allocation of funds for graduate and professional research, conference/event travel, and other scholarly activities. This service is intended to provide support for projects that directly affect a student's degree program as well as make a contribution to the scholar's field. The GPSA does not provide funding for student organizations.

The GPSA has limited funds for each sponsorship cycle, and there is no guarantee that a student's application will be awarded a partial or full award. Students who make efforts to reduce their budgets by seeking funds from other sources (e.g., department, university, external grants), sharing transportation and accommodation costs, and using university equipment will be prioritized. Applicants are eligible for two sponsorship awards per academic year (from fall to summer semester) and may submit only one application for each sponsorship cycle. The annual maximum amount any student may be awarded is $1,250.00.

Applicants should understand that this is a competitive application process. Students submitting funding requests should stringently follow the application components to ensure equitable footing. Incomplete or erroneously compiled applications will automatically be disqualified from the request pool. All applications must be the original work of the applicant. Repeat or duplicate applications, and applications with sections duplicated from any other application will not be considered for sponsorship funding (even where individuals in a group are applying separately for their part in the same activity).

Notification letters for all sponsorship applications, both regular cycle and emergency, will be sent out within a timely manner No information regarding an application’s status is available before that date. We thank you in advance for your patience.

For more information please contact Kristyne Wiegand , GPSA Vice President and Chair of the Sponsorship Committee, and/or GPSA Manager.

Sponsorship Deadlines and Cycle Dates

Please submit on hard copy of your application to the Graduate Student Commons, LLB 2141. The facility’s hours are located on the Computer Lab page. For research or conference/event travel during the academic year, application deadlines are as follows:

  • Spring 2017 Semester: Filing deadline is November 15, 2016; research /conference/event activities falling between 12/18/16 – 5/13/17
  • Summer 2017 Semester: Filing deadline is March 15, 2017; research /conference/event activities falling between 5/14/17 – 8/27/17
  • Fall 2017 Semester: Filing deadline is April 15, 2017; research /conference/event activities falling between 8/28/17-12/16/17

Please Note: If you are applying for conference/event travel, applications should be submitted during the regular sponsorship cycle for which the conference/event will be held. Applications submitted prior to conference/event/ acceptance may be awarded provisional funding until an acceptance letter is received. Submissions during the emergency cycle should be limited to applications for which the applicant was unable to apply during the regular cycle (e.g., the conference/event/event was not accepting abstract submissions until after the regular cycle sponsorship deadline had passed, or where the applicant was an incoming student and not yet enrolled in a graduate/professional program at the time of the regular cycle application deadline).

GPSA Sponsorship Applications

  • Use this application when requesting funds for materials, travel, and other activities that are directly related to research.

  • Use this application when requesting funds for travel to a conference/event or other venue where you will present your scholarly work.

  • Use this application when requesting funds in situations where you were unable to apply during the regular sponsorship cycle.

  • Use this application to modify an existing award if your travel or research plans have changed and you would like to request that your award be applied to a different scholarly activity. The new activity should occur during the same cycle for which the original sponsorship funding was awarded.

Research Forum Requirement

A stipulation in receiving a GPSA sponsorship is that all recipients must present in the upcoming Graduate & Professional Student Research Forum. Next year’s event is to be held Saturday, April 8, 2017.

Tax Benefits for Education

The IRS’s Publication 970 includes the tax procedure and guidelines for claiming education deductions and fellowship and grant award monies.