Emergency Sponsorship Funding

Applications for conference/event travel where an abstract has been submitted to the conference before the regular cycle application deadline should be submitted during the regular cycle, regardless of whether you have received an acceptance letter from the conference. Applications submitted prior to conference acceptance may be awarded provisional funding until an acceptance letter is received.

Submissions during the emergency cycle should be limited to applications for which the applicant was unable to apply during the regular cycle. For example:

  • The conference/event was not accepting abstract submissions until after the regular cycle sponsorship deadline had passedn
  • The applicant was an incoming student and not yet enrolled in a graduate/professional program at the time of the regular cycle application deadline.

Emergency sponsorship applications must be turned into the GPSA Office, Lied Library, by the 20th of each month. Applications will be reviewed in a timely manner. No information regarding application status will be released prior to dissemination of decision letters. We thank in advance for your patience.