Emergency Sponsorship Funding should be perceived as an option only when all other financial alternatives have been exhausted. GPSA emergency sponsorship funding is available for graduate and professional students for conference/event/research travel onlyPlease do not submit applications for research materials unless it is absolutely necessary.

Applications for conference/event/research travel for which an abstract has been submitted to the conference before the GPSA regular cycle application deadline should be submitted during the regular cycle, regardless of whether you have received an acceptance letter from the conference.

Submissions for emergency sponsorship should be limited to applications meeting the following criteria:

  • Unforeseeable circumstances such as financial or medical emergencies.
  • The applicant was an incoming student and not yet enrolled in a graduate/professional program at the time of the regular cycle application deadline.
  • The conference/event was not accepting abstract submissions until after the regular cycle sponsorship deadline had passed.

The GPSA sponsorship committee reserves the right to request documentation in the case of emergency applications, thus, it is recommended that when possible, you submit documentation (such as dated call for abstracts) that supports the emergency status.

The following circumstances are NOT eligible for emergency sponsorship:

  • The applicant was unaware of regular cycle funding deadlines.
  • The applicant was unaware of emergency sponsorship funding.
  • The applicant did not submit an application during the regular cycle because they had not yet received an acceptance letter from the conference/event.

Emergency sponsorship applications must be turned in by the 20th of each month. Please note, only conference/event travel is eligible for emergency funding.

Students may request up to $1,250.00 per academic year for any type of Sponsorship funding. Graduate and Professional students are only eligible for one emergency award per year.

Notification letters for all sponsorship applications, both regular cycle and emergency, will be sent out within 4-5 weeks after submission. No information regarding an application's status is available before that date. We thank you in advance for your patience.

Only complete applications for which applicants meet all application criteria will be considered for emergency sponsorship funding.