Organizations & Activities

GPSA Activities

Bagels & Coffee offered during Study Week

Refreshments will be offered in the Graduate Student Commons (LLB 2141) during Study Week for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters. Please check this page for upcoming Bagels & Coffee events.

Welcome Mixer

The Graduate and Professional Student Association and UNLV's Graduate College invite you to the Welcome Mixer at Sunset Park! This is a great opportunity for new and current graduate and professional students, graduate coordinators, UNLV Graduate College team members, and Graduate & Professional Student Association (GPSA) representatives to celebrate the start of a new academic year together. Families are welcome. Food and refreshments will be provided. Please share this flyer in your area!

We look forward to seeing you there!

RSVP by Aug. 17

Community Service Committee

The GPSA Community Service Committee has participated in events for the UNLV Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, Red Rock Clean-Up, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and the AFAN Annual AIDS walk. Check this page for upcoming community service events.

GPSA Recognized Organizations

The GPSA recognizes organized groups of currently enrolled UNLV graduate & professional students that have a commitment to academics, diversity, leadership development, service and/or student involvement. The GPSA does not provide funding for student organizations or for individual events and/or activities. However your group may be eligible for funding offered through the Office of Civic Engagement and Diversity. Please see information below for funding opportunities.

Becoming a GPSA Recognized Student Organization

Student organizations must have a total voting membership of at least 50 percent graduate or professional students with at least five (5) active members.

In order to become a GPSA recognized organization you must submit your organization’s proposed Constitution and Bylaws to the GPSA. The documents will be reviewed by the GPSA Executive Board. You must then complete the steps listed below to register you new or re-register your existing student organization. From there the student organization will be placed on the GPSA Council agenda for approval

To register or renew your student organization, follow these steps:

Membership Requirements

  • At least 5 UNLV active student members
  • President (or equivalent UNLV student member) name, Rebelmail, phone number
  • Vice President (or equivalent UNLV student member) name, and Rebelmail
  • Treasurer or financial officer (must be a UNLV student different from President)
  • Faculty/staff advisor name, email, phone number, UNLV title (must be full time faculty or staff)

Steps to Re-Register your Student Organization Online

Step 1: Update your Online Profile

  • Visit the Involvement Center accessible through MyUNLV.
  • Select Organization. Search for your organization.
  • Select the, "Register this Organization" button located below your organizations’ name.
  • Complete the online registration and press submit.

Step 2: Complete the Online Training
The online training is a new requirement for Registered Student Organizations (RSO) in order to get registered. This training must be complete in order for your organization to be considered active.

Step 3: Communicate with your Advisor
Once you have completed your online registration, your full-time faculty or staff advisor will be notified to complete their portion of registration: 1) the Advisor Agreement; 2) the Volunteer Advisor Form; 3) a brief online video training. Your advisor must complete these 3 steps in order to activate your organization.

Step 4: Attend the RSO Annual meeting
Meeting dates are listed on the Student Involvement Center portal or contact the Office of Civic Engagement and Diversity for information about upcoming meeting dates, 702-895-5631 or email

Steps to Register your New Student Organization Online

Step 1: Register your new organization

  • Visit the Involvement Center accessible through MyUNLV.
  • Select Organization.
  • Once on the Organizations page, scroll down the left-hand side and click "Register a New Organization"
  • Complete the online registration and press submit.
  • Follow Steps 2 – 4 listed above.

Services Rendered to GPSA-Recognized Student Organizations

  • Listing on GPSA website with hyperlink to your student organization's website.
  • Posting of organization's meeting dates and events in the Graduate Student Commons, LLB 2141, and the quarterly GPSA newsletter (if requested).
  • Usage of SORCE room located on the 3rd floor in the Student Union, i.e. access to phone banks, computer lab, materials and other resources.
  • An on-line portal for your organization to aid in recruitment, marketing and organization management.
  • Promotion on the Get Involved website and additional marketing options.
  • Access to materials and resources in the Student Organization Resource Center (SORCE).
  • A mailbox in the Student Organization Resource Center (SORCE).
  • The opportunity to schedule events and eligibility for reduced setup fees in Student Affairs facilities and green space on campus. Organization administrator must update Scheduling Liaisons (people designated for the organization to make marketing and space reservation requests on campus) whenever needed. This form is located in the organization portal under Tools; Forms.
  • Free registration for student organization information fairs.

Student Organization Funding Opportunity

The GPSA does not provide funding to GPSA recognized student organizations or for individual events and/or activities. However some funding is available through the Student Funding Board. The Student Funding Board exists to provide funding, allocated through the Office of Civic Engagement and Diversity, to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) to develop or improve programs and initiatives for the betterment of the UNLV community and the student experience.

To find out if your organization qualifies for funding, log into MyUNLV and visit the Involvement Center. Click the "Campus Links" tab at the top of the page and select: "Student Funding Board Proposal".