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The LCE Minor requires 18 of the offered 24 credits including three required courses and three elective courses. Each of our classes is designed to give you a specific experience. You have already had leadership experiences and have worked within groups and communities, so we are not covering a new subject for most of our students - but we are going into greater detail and often bringing new perspective up for our students to consider. Our classes are:

200-Level Courses

The LCE minor offers two 200 level courses, which serve as prerequisites for the 300 level elective courses. The classes can be taken concurrently, one at a time or out of order. Both 200 level classes are required.

LCE 230 Introduction to Leadership
(offered both fall and spring semesters)

The purpose of this course is to encourage careful analyzing of responsibilities and commitment in the context of leadership for the common good and purposeful change. From this course, an understanding of leadership as a process, rather than a position will be developed and how this varies from traditional leadership theories. Throughout the course, leadership theories, concepts, and skills will be explored and participants will be asked to apply this knowledge to their own leadership philosophy.

LCE 231 Ethical Leadership
(offered both fall and spring semesters)

This leadership course begins to explore leadership in a group context. You will also look at your major area of study or chosen career path in this class looking at ethics and how they inform leadership. This class will give you tools to use when you and I are both acting according to our ethics, but might make opposite decisions. Exploring what we do when we are both “right” but disagree.

Elective Courses

Once you have completed LCE 230 and LCE 231, you may enroll in any and all of the LCE Minor elective courses. We offer five elective courses on various leadership and civic engagement topics, including:

LCE 381 Global Leadership
(offered fall semester only)

This course is about leading in a dynamic 21st century world. It is designed to help participants think broadly about diversity and continue preparation for leadership positions in a global world. This course will focus on improving personal leadership skills and emphasize the importance of leading consistently with ethical principles and values with a heightened awareness of cultural context.

LCE 382 Leadership as Social Change
(offered fall only)

This course is about leading in a dynamic 21st century world. It is designed to help participants think broadly about issues and continue their preparation for leadership positions in a socially just world. This course will focus on improving personal leadership skills and emphasize the importance of leading with ethical principles while addressing issues of social justice.

LCE 385 Conflict and the Role of Leadership
(offered spring semester only)

This course provides an introduction into the concepts, theory and practice of the role of a leader in conflict resolution, decreasing community conflict and understanding interpersonal conflict. Topics will include: a) conflict community development theory; b) conflict theory; c) interpersonal conflict theory; d) principles of five types of ADR strategies (negotiation, arbitration, adjudication, conciliation, and mediation); d) the application of these concepts, theories and strategies to historical and current leadership situations; and e) the development of mediation skills and a personal style of conflict resolution as a leader.

LCE 386 Leadership Facilitation and Training
(offered spring semester only)

The purpose of this course is to develop core competencies in designing and facilitating structured group workshops. Students in this course will explore and experience all aspects of a group workshop including conception of an idea through facilitation and evaluation. There will be a multiple of learning methods used in this course, including readings and lecture, however a large emphasis will be placed on experiential learning.

LCE 388 Leadership Independent Study/Internship
(offered fall, spring and summer)

This class takes something you are already doing and looks at it through two theoretical lenses. You are required to have your internship pre-approved for the class by the instructor need to have a 100 hour experience with clear start and finish lines. The main goal of this course is to provide an internship/independent study experience for Leadership & Civic Engagement Minor students by applying and further developing their knowledge and skills through a practical experience. Goals will be pursued through supervised field work, readings, online discussion, and various written assignments.

Leadership Capstone Experience

The culmination of the Leadership & Civic Engagement Minor is LCE 387 Leadership Capstone Experience. This course draws upon the knowledge and experience of all previous courses to create a meaningful conclusion to the academic program.

LCE 387 Leadership Capstone Experience
(offered spring semester only)

LCE 387 Leadership capstone should be the last class you take, or close to it. By topic this class is about change. We explore how to effectively lead change in many contexts and also pull in content from many of your other LCE classes.

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