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Student Engagement and Diversity Staff Directory

Sunny Gittens

Executive Director
Office: SU 302D
Phone: 702-895-5606

Nathan Hanke

Director for Service-Learning and Involvement
Phone: 702-895-1352

Savannah Baltera

Business Manager, CSUN Student Government
Phone: 702-895-4803

Kevin McVay

Publicity & Program Logistics Coordinator
Phone: 702-895-4610

Jose Membreno

AmeriCorps VISTA (DASH, Rebel Service Day, and more)
Phone: 702-895-4994

Megan Brower

Assistant Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life and Campus Activities
Phone: 702-895-2047

Stine Odegard

Program Coordinator, Service Programs
Phone: 702-895-3231

Zainub Cementwala

Program Coordinator for International Student Programs
Phone: 702-895-5607

Whitley Hadley

Program Coordinator for Multicultural Programs
Phone: 702-895-5912

Lawrence Jackson

CSUN Business Operations Manager
Phone: 702-895-5702

Nadia Omar-Czesky

Assistant Director for Intercultural Programs
Phone: 702-895-4858

Roberto Orozco

Program Coordinator for Social Justice Programs
Phone: 702-895-4053

Kim Tomas

Americorps VISTA for Service Programs
Phone: 702-895-4994

Emily Pugh

Program Coordinator, Student Involvement and Organization Development
Phone: 702-895-2508

Leanne Soter

Program Coordinator for Service-Learning and Scholarship Program Coordinator for Service-Learning and Scholarship
Phone: 702-895-5608

Isa Kopp

Graduate Assistant, Leadership & Civic Engagement Minor
Phone: 702-895-5634

Taylor McCadney

Graduate Assistant for Social Justice
Phone: 702-895-4099

Theo Nichols

Graduate Assistant for Multicultural Programs
Phone: 702-895-5641

Emily Pattni

CSUN Graduate Assistant
Phone: 702-895-4344

Kathy Schreiber

CSUN Business Operations Coordinator
Phone: 702-895-5702

Kelsi Sullivan

Graduate Assistant for Service Learning
Phone: 702-895-5637

Kendra Thornton

Graduate Assistant for Campus Activities
Phone: 702-895-1378

Marissa Robledo

Program Coordinator for Campus Activities
Phone: 702-895-5703
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