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Mission Statement

Student Engagement & Diversity provides educational endeavors, resources, and involvement opportunities guided by our commitment to social justice, community building, diversity, civic engagement, leadership, and a global perspective enacted through a holistic learning environment that engages students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Four Core Values

  • Involvement - connecting and engaging with the campus community while working to enhance your academic experience.
  • Leadership - modeling behavior and building skills while working with others to reach common goals.
  • Service - working with those in need and using direct action to create positive change in your community.
  • Diversity - recognizing and celebrating your own and others multiple identities and experiences while working toward equitable, inclusive social systems.

Functional Areas

Our Logo

The Student Engagement & Diversity logo consists of a starburst pattern comprised of four scarlet arrows, each which represents one of our four core values: Involvement, Leadership, Service, and Diversity. The negative space between the four arrows points towards the word Engagement in an effort to showcase the multiple avenues in which students are able to become engaged and enhance their collegiate experience at UNLV.

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