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Meet the Rebel Ringers


Major: History

I am a history major in my second year at UNLV and the Rebel Ring. My passions include history and public speaking. Since my time as a Rebel Ringer, I have gained confidence in my public speaking through conversations with hundreds of alumni. Other schools can’t beat the support of our alumni. Go UNLV!


Major: Health Care Administration

As a navy brat, I’ve lived all over the world – from elementary school in Japan, graduating high school in Hawaii, and attending college as a Health Care Administration major at UNLV – and I have had so many amazing opportunities to experience different cultures. Working my first job here, the Rebel Ring has given me the same opportunity to interact with people from all walks of life


Major: Vocal Performance

I came to the Rebel Ring looking for a job in my sophomore year at UNLV, but in the past year, I’ve gained so much more. I’ve learned how to better communicate with people and also feel comfortable while doing so. As a Vocal Performance student at the university, these skills I’ve acquired as a Rebel Ringer shine through in my communication with the audience when I perform.


Major: Criminal Justice

I am a Criminal Justice major from Pennsylvania, currently in my first semester at UNLV and at the Rebel Ring. Being a Rebel Ringer has improved my communication skills both in person and on the phone. I am also a proud member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma – Theta Epsilon chapter at the university.


Major: Hospitality Management

I am an international student from Hong Kong studying Hospitality Management at UNLV. I went to school in Boston and transferred in the fall of 2014, also working during my first semester as a Rebel Ringer. This job allows me to interact with alumni and significantly benefits my major. I love my job because I know that I am making a difference in my university.


Major: Pre-Nursing

Since working at the Rebel Ring, I have learned a lot about my university and relations with UNLV alumni. I came to UNLV in the fall of 2014 from St. Louis, MO, as a pre-nursing major. Being a Rebel Ringer has helped me meet new people and learn great communication skills.


Major: Biology

I am a biology major who moved to Las Vegas from California during my junior year to attend UNLV with my sister. Being a Rebel Ringer has greatly improved my communication skills, and I also really enjoy working with the other students. My favorite call I’ve had at the center was when I called an alumni who worked at a pizza place, and he asked me if I wanted him to deliver a pizza to the Foundation for us! I hope to become an OBG-YN after graduation and medical school.


Major: Undeclared

Originally from Oregon, I moved to Las Vegas to have a more diverse collegiate experience than my town of 1,000 people could offer me. I am in my first semester at UNLV and have not yet declared a major; because of this, working at the Rebel Ring has been an even more meaningful experience. Being able to speak with many different people of diverse backgrounds and degrees helps me to figure out what’s right for my future.


Major: Hospitality Management

A Las Vegas native, I graduated from the Las Vegas Academy of the Arts where I studied music and decided to attend UNLV in hopes of owning my own Las Vegas restaurant one day. My passion is people. I am a Hospitality Management student at the University because I wanted to study at one of the best hospitality programs in the nation. Working at the Foundation has been an amazing reminder that people are genuine and generous. Getting to call alumni and make connections with them has been a wonderful way to improve my communication skills. Serving people makes me happy, and I’m excited to continue my education at UNLV.

Brianna Lynn

Major: Hospitality Management

I am an out-of-state student form the Islands of Hawaii and decided to move for UNLV’s hospitality program. I am a proud sister of Alpha Phi Gamma, as well as the newly elected VP of Programming for the Multicultural Greek Council. I’ve been working at the Rebel Ring for about a year, and being here has given me the privilege to connect with alumni from all over the nation. The feeling of having someone give toward the school gives me motivation to succeed so that I can give back one day, too.


Major: Sports Injury Management

I am a junior at UNLV, studying Sports Injury Management with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. After working at the Rebel Ring for almost a year, speaking with alumni inspired me to make my studies as diverse as I am. In my spare time, I enjoy watching a variety of television series, playing video games, and keeping up with Fantasy Football. With UNLV’s varying range of students, it makes me comfortable and honored to be a Rebel.


Major: Hospitality Management

Originally from California, I am in my first semester at UNLV and the Rebel Ring. My favorite part about working as a student fundraiser is the opportunity to talk to many different people. In my spare time, I really enjoy sports and cars, and I am a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon. Once I graduate, I would like to return to California and open a restaurant there.


Major: Marketing

I am a local Las Vegan, and I have been a Rebel Ringer for the past year. I really enjoy being a part of the Rebel Ring because I am able to communicate with alumni and raise money for my school. Working here has inspired me to work for a non-profit organization once I graduate with my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing.


Major: Physics

Working for the call center is particularly fulfilling for me because I know that at the end of the day I am helping my university and fellow students. In the three years I have worked here, I have enjoyed working with all of the other Rebel Ringers. I hope to attend graduate school and continue in the field of science.


Major: Music Education

As a scholar for the ArtsBridge Scholarship, I get to teach an elementary school class about music. Alumni I have spoken with have given me great advice, especially about teaching. I hope to go on to teach music in an elementary school once I graduate. I love being able to work with fellow UNLV students and sharing stories about our phone calls at the end of the day.


Major: Entertainment Engineering & Design

Competition is a really fun part of the UNLV call center. Everyone strives to be the best caller and break previous records. I have received Caller of the Week in the past, and I raised over 20% of the funds made at the phonathon last fiscal year. I have really come out of my shell since starting my job here at the call center. I hope to continue breaking records with the rest of my time here.


Major: Music

I enjoy working at the UNLV Phonathon because I enjoy working along students who are working to improve their university. I like knowing that I am helping out my school at the end of the day. My most memorable phone call was an individual who said that Elvis bought his mother groceries. One day, I would like to become a doctor of music therapy.


Major: Music Education

Originally from Ohio, I moved to Las Vegas three years ago and have been working at the Rebel Ring for the past year. I enjoy speaking with UNLV alumni and making connections with them, while also fundraising for my school. As a music major, I am an aspiring recording artist, singing and writing music in my spare time.


Major: Psychology/Anthropology

My persuasion skills have improved significantly since I started calling for the Rebel Ring Phonathon. I love being more involved with my university and knowing that I am raising money for UNLV. I actually enjoy coming into work and having a fun time. I spoke to a woman on the phone whose advice to me was to follow my bliss. I use that as my life motto now.


Major: Music Education

I play the euphonium, and I am part of the UNLV Marching Band and Pep Band. I like being able to connect with fellow music majors over the phone and talk about how their experiences differ from my own. I really enjoy the fact that I get along with all the other callers at Rebel Ring and that we support one another throughout every shift.

Heather Snedeker

Major: Law

I am a law student and have worked at the Rebel Ring since August 2014. I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Sports Management at Florida State University, and I hope to practice in the sports field after I finish my J.D. at the UNLV Boyd School of Law. I enjoy fundraising for the university and getting to speak with alumni and parents who are passionate about UNLV and its growth. UNLV is an amazing community, and I’m happy to be a part of it!

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