Clark County Housing Scholarship

The Clark County Housing Scholarship program may be offered to new freshmen students, who graduated high school from Clark County in the State of Nevada, whose first semester of college enrollment is in the fall semester. Students must meet the UNLV academic admissions standards for consideration.

Award Value

Freshmen students can receive $1,000 in the fall semester and $1,000 in the spring semester.

Freshmen students who complete their first year at UNLV, become sophomore students, and continue to live in the residence halls may receive $1,500 in the fall semester and $1,500 in the spring semester.

Application Procedures

  • There is no separate scholarship application to complete. Automatic consideration for this scholarship is provided under the assumption students meet the conditions for consideration and funds are available.
  • No student should assume he or she will be receiving this scholarship until an official award notice has been received from the UNLV Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. Selected students will be notified of an award within his or her MyUNLV Communication Center.

Initial Award Criteria

  • Academic Requirements:
    • Students must be able to meet the UNLV academic admissions standards.
  • Priority Housing & FAFSA Consideration Deadlines:
    • Students must have applied for Housing and have a signed contract with the initial $325 housing prepayment by June 1st of the award year.
    • Students must have applied for traditional residence hall housing as defined by the Association of College and University Housing Officers for one of the following owned and operated UNLV residence halls:
      • Dayton Community
      • Tonopah Community
      • South Complex
      • Upper Class Complex
    • You must have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file by November 1st of the award year with UNLV.
    • Awards may be made prior to November 1st. You should apply for Housing and the FAFSA as soon as you can since funding is limited.

Renewability Requirements

Students are provided consumer information about their scholarship and are expected to understand the terms and conditions of this scholarship. Students who do not meet the renewable conditions will not have their scholarship reinstated.

  • Must enroll and complete 12 credit per semester (excluding summer)
  • Must have a 2.75 cumulative grade point average
  • Must live in a UNLV residence hall

Consumer Information

  • Students who do not live in the UNLV residence halls during the fall or spring semester automatically forfeit this scholarship. There is no appeal process. This scholarship is conditional upon students living in a UNLV residence hall.
  • Students who do not meet the minimum academic renewing requirements are placed on scholarship probation and notified of their status via MyUNLV. Students may receive this scholarship for one more semester of concurrent enrollment. If the minimum academic requirements are not met again, the scholarship is forfeited. There is no appeal process. The prior scholarship probation acts as an appeal process for students to self-correct academic performance.
  • This scholarship is offered to students attending fall and spring semesters of the award year. No awards are offered to new freshmen students whose first semester of enrollment would be spring.
  • This scholarship is not available during the summer semester.
  • If another scholarship or grant specifically pays for a portion or all of a student’s room and board costs, this scholarship may be reduced or cancelled.
  • Transfer students are not eligible. This scholarship is for new freshmen students entering UNLV with no prior college credit, with the exception of college credit taken while attending high school.
  • Students who drop below 12 credit hours during the first week of classes forfeit their award for the semester and are immediately placed on scholarship probation for the next continuous term of enrollment. If a student was previously on scholarship probation, the scholarship is then forfeited.
  • A student who is offered this scholarship during a fall semester, elects to not attend UNLV, but now wants to start attending spring semester forfeits this scholarship.
  • Any student who received this scholarship as a freshmen and sophomore, is not eligible for this scholarship during their junior or senior years if still living in a UNLV residence hall.


UNLV reserves the right to discontinue or make adjustments to this scholarship program at any time. In the event this scholarship program would be discontinued, students currently receiving a Clark County Scholarship would be provided two semesters of advance notice.

This scholarship is not an entitlement program. Funding is limited to first come, first served. Not all qualified students will receive this scholarship.