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Rebel Challenge Transfer Scholarship

*Effective Fall 2013

Award Criteria

Students must have:

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Less than 90 transferable credit hours within one of the following.
Award Level Transfer GPA Total Number of Transfer Credit Hours Annual Award Amount
President's Award 3.75+ Less than 90 $11,000
Provost's Award 3.5 - 3.74 Less than 90 $9,000
Dean's Award 3.0 - 3.49 Less than 90 $5,000

Application Procedures

Automatic consideration if the requirements are met. Priority consideration is provided to students based upon their date of admission and until scholarship program funds expire. The Rebel Challenge Transfer Scholarship is not an entitlement program. Funding is limited to first come, first served.

Scholarship Consumer Information

  • Must be a new nonresident transfer student starting attendance during a fall semester.
  • Must enroll and complete 15 credit hours each semester.
  • Must maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA each semester.
  • Must be meeting the financial aid satisfactory academic progress policy.
  • May receive this scholarship up to 130 earned credit hours (including earned transfer credits) or eight semesters.
  • Must maintain nonresident student status.


  • New transfer students starting attendance during a spring or summer semester are not eligible for this program. You must start UNLV attendance during the fall semester this scholarship was offered to you
  • New transfer students with 90 or more transferable credit hours are not eligible for this program
  • Students who drop below 15 credit hours during the first week of classes forfeit their award for the semester and are immediately placed on scholarship probation for the next continuous term of enrollment. If a student was previously on scholarship probation, this scholarship is then forfeited
  • Students who graduated high school from a Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) state are not eligible for this program
  • Students enrolled at Fort Valley State College in the State of Georgia participating in a 3+2 math and engineering program at UNLV already pay in-state tuition rates and are not eligible for this program
  • Students serving within the Nevada National Guard already pay in-state tuition rates and are not eligible for this program
  • Graduate and professional students are not eligible for this program
  • This scholarship specifically helps pay for nonresident tuition charges. A student will forfeit their award and may be required to pay back previously disbursed amounts of this scholarship for the semester to UNLV if he or she becomes a Nevada resident
  • A student who is offered this scholarship during a fall semester, elects to not attend UNLV, but now wants to start attending spring or summer semester forfeits this scholarship


  • This award is non-refundable to the student. The Rebel Challenge Transfer Scholarship only applies towards nonresident tuition charges. No cash refunds or excess cash balances can be paid from this program
  • If another scholarship or grant specifically pays for a portion or all of a student’s nonresident tuition, the Rebel Challenge Transfer Scholarship may be reduced or cancelled
  • Students who do not meet the minimum academic requirements are placed on scholarship probation and notified of their status via MyUNLV. Students may receive this scholarship for one more semester of concurrent enrollment. If the minimum academic requirements are not met again, the scholarship is forfeited. There is no appeal process. The prior scholarship probation status has acted as an appeal process for students to self-correct their academic performance
  • UNLV reserves the right to discontinue or make adjustments to this scholarship program at any time. In the unlikely event this scholarship program would be discontinued, students currently receiving a Rebel Challenge Transfer Scholarship would be provided two semesters of advance notice
  • This scholarship is determined based upon your academic record at the time of admission. Additional documentation (test score/GPA) which may increase your scholarship eligibility to a higher tier, after your time of admission, will not be considered because of funding limitations.
  • Students who elect to graduate with more than one major (double, triple major) will likely run out of scholarship eligibility. This scholarship program is designed to achieve only one major. You cannot appeal to extend your eligibility.
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