The federal Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Parent (effective July 1, 2008), and Graduate PLUS loans all have deferment options on the principal balance. The student must remain at least half-time enrollment status (six credit hours undergraduate or five credit hours graduate).

Federal Subsidized, Unsubsidized, and Parent PLUS loan payments on the principal balances do not need to be repaid until six months after graduation.

The Registration Office at UNLV will automatically forward your credit hour enrollment data to the National Student Clearinghouse. The National Student Clearinghouse will update the Direct Loan Servicing Center, lending institutions, and loan guarantee agencies multiple times throughout the semester regarding the credit hours you are enrolled at UNLV.

Most students should not have to complete a loan deferment form from the Direct Loan Servicing Center, a lending institution, or loan guarantee agency. The notification of your credit hours of enrollment for the semester is automatic at UNLV for loan-deferment purposes.

However, if your student loan payment due date is near when classes begin for the semester, a loan deferment form may be an option in terms of timing.

If you need UNLV to confirm your credit hours of enrollment for a federal student loan deferment, please do the following:

  1. Utilize UNLV's Official Enrollment Verification web page. You can print out an official copy of your credit hours of enrollment at UNLV for loan deferment purposes.
  2. Students having loans through other lending institutions or loan guarantee agencies should visit their loan holder's website and search on "loan deferment form."

The Financial Aid & Scholarships Office does not certify your credit hours enrolled. You do not need to go to the Registrars Office either if you follow the above steps.