Transferring Your FAFSA Record to UNLV

To transfer your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) record from another school to UNLV, add UNLV's school code of 002569 to your FAFSA and make a correction to your processed FAFSA.

We will not be able to process the results of your FAFSA until you have also been admitted to UNLV and your records are on file. Once your admission's application is processed, we will begin the process of determining your financial aid eligibility.

If you received federal financial aid at your previous school, UNLV may have to reduce some of your financial aid eligibility within the same academic year. For example, if you received a $1,750 subsidized loan as a freshman at College A fall semester and are transferring to UNLV spring semester, your remaining subsidized loan eligibility at UNLV is also $1,750.

A freshman transfer student can receive only up to $3,500 in a subsidized loan for his or her entire school year. Eligibility for financial aid programs does not start over again if you transfer to another school.