The Faculty Excellence Initiative has three primary tasks: COACHE, ADVANCE-Related Activities, and the Multicultural Program.


The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) is a consortium of over 200 universities and systems that aim to provide research-based improvements of faculty experiences in recruitment, development, and retention. Housed within the Harvard Graduate School of Education at Harvard University, they provide several services including a Faculty Satisfaction Survey. UNLV chose to assess faculty satisfaction through this survey and it was administered at UNLV in Spring 2016 by COACHE. Since then, a Provost Report, Dean reports, and a Steering Committee have directed UNLV’s steps to address inequities that reach across the entire campus.

ADVANCE-related Activities

UNLV has actively pursued extramural funding for several faculty initiatives. In September 2017, a National Science Foundation ADVANCE: Adaptation proposal was submitted. The proposed project intends to address barriers to retention and advancement for women faculty in STEM disciplines. The proposed activities proposed include education and training on unintentional bias, intersectionality, and microaggressions, in addition to supporting administrative units to review tenure and promotion bylaws and processes, work-life policies, and academic evaluation systems.

The Multicultural Program for STEM & Health Sciences

The mission of UNLV's Multicultural Program for STEM & Health Sciences is to encourage and recruit more minority and underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students into the STEM and healthcare related disciplines, foster a positive and caring learning atmosphere that supports classroom instruction and professional development, increase retention and graduation rates, and improve overall student success. As part of the Faculty Excellence Initiative, the Multicultural Program provides guidance and programming including workshops, seminars, and activities that enhance faculty pedagogy in the STEM fields.

Other Activities

In support of and working with the Offices for Diversity Initiatives, Compliance, Research & Economic Development, the Faculty Senate, Ombudsman, Women's Council, and College Deans, other interdisciplinary activities include:

  • Assist with the assessment and revision of faculty search and hire procedures and practices
  • Facilitate the assessment and revision of university bylaws
  • Integrate diversity language into university policies
  • Collect data to inform decision-making by administrative units
  • Provide support to faculty affinity networks
  • Support administrative units to conduct interventions with Deans and departments
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Provide faculty advocacy
  • Provide best practices


Through the Faculty Excellence Initiative, we have made great strides towards our goal of creating a more positive organizational climate. Please download the last year's annual report for more information on what we have accomplished.