The Faculty Excellence Initiative has three primary tasks: COACHE, ADVANCE-Related Activities, and the Multicultural Program.


The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) is a consortium of over 200 universities and systems that aim to provide research-based improvements of faculty experiences in recruitment, development, and retention. Housed within the Harvard Graduate School of Education at Harvard University, they provide several services including a Faculty Satisfaction Survey. UNLV chose to assess faculty satisfaction through this survey and it was administered at UNLV in Spring 2016 by COACHE. Since then, a Provost Report, Dean reports, and a Steering Committee have directed UNLV’s steps to address inequities that reach across the entire campus.

Other Activities

In support of and working with the Offices for Diversity Initiatives, Compliance, Research & Economic Development, the Faculty Senate, Ombudsman, Women's Council, and College Deans, other interdisciplinary activities include:

  • Assist with the assessment and revision of faculty search and hire procedures and practices
  • Facilitate the assessment and revision of university bylaws
  • Integrate diversity language into university policies
  • Collect data to inform decision-making by administrative units
  • Provide support to faculty affinity networks
  • Support administrative units to conduct interventions with Deans and departments
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Provide faculty advocacy
  • Provide best practices


Through the Faculty Excellence Initiative, we have made great strides towards our goal of creating a more positive organizational climate. Please download the last year's annual report for more information on what we have accomplished.