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In spring 2016 all tenured, tenure-track, and full time non-tenure-track academic faculty were invited to participate in The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Faculty Satisfaction Survey.

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In spring 2016, all tenured, tenure-track, and non-tenure-track (Faculty-in-Residence) academic faculty were invited to participate in the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Faculty Satisfaction Survey. The results were released in fall 2016 and were disseminated through a variety of outlets including a Provost Report, campus open forums, Deans' Council, and the President's Advisory Council. In addition, dean consultations were conducted with participating colleges that discussed their college-specific results.

Since the results were shared, a steering committee was created to suggest recommendations and numerous activities have been conducted at both the university and college levels. Using these results as a baseline, we are excited to continue improving and updating university and college initiatives. Thank you again to everyone who participated. For information on satisfaction among classified employees, administrative faculty, and other academic and clinical faculty, see the Office of Diversity Initiatives UNLV Campus Climate Survey.

Strategies and Programs

In response to the survey results, UNLV is focused on enhancing the faculty experience through a number of strategies and programs. These include a variety of recognition programs and procedures for faculty recruitment, hiring, and retention. Below is a list of ongoing efforts that show just a few of the areas we are working on now.

University Activities

Faculty Length of Service Recognition Program
The Faculty Length of Service Recognition Program recognizes the ten-, twenty-, thirty-, forty-, and fifty-year service milestones of UNLV’s dedicated academic and administrative faculty members. Learn more about the Faculty Length of Service Recognition Program.
Recruitment and Hiring Support
Get answers to frequently asked questions about our employment process.
Themed Hires
The Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost supports faculty cluster hiring across multiple disciplines and across multiple academic ranks.
Tenure and Promotion Workshops
Promotion and tenure are important milestones in the career of an academic faculty member. Learn more about tenure and promotion workshops.
Faculty Excellence Initiative
The Faculty Excellence Initiative promotes a positive organizational climate that aims to increase excellence in productivity and demonstrates the inclusion of diverse thought and scholarly methodologies. Learn more about the Faculty Excellence Initiative.
Top Tier Collaboration
The Faculty Excellence Initiative aligns with multiple Top Tier goals and objectives. Learn more about Top Tier collaboration.
Policy Updates
The University Policies page is intended to be the first phase of a central database and repository for all university policies issued under the authority conferred on the president by the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) code. Learn more about university policies.
Dean Evaluations
The Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) requires all faculty members to be evaluated in writing at least once annually. Learn more about dean evaluations.
New Leadership Appointments
Since spring 2016, leadership appointments have been filled including Executive Vice President and Provost, Chief Diversity Officer, college deans, and department chairs.
Tenure and Promotion Bylaw Revisions
Bylaw changes concerning tenure & promotion were introduced at the February 20 meeting of the Faculty Senate and will be discussed by the Senate on April 17 and May 8. Learn more about tenure and promotion bylaw revisions.

College Activities

Based on the survey responses and unique to UNLV, we were able to provide individual college results that have prompted deans to drive changes using some of the strategies below.

  • Multi-disciplinary Mixers
  • Tenure & Promotion Bylaw Revisions
  • Faculty Open Forums
  • Search Committee Best Practices
  • Workload Equity Reviews
  • Updated Evaluation Metrics
  • Support for Research
  • Targeted Committees
  • Chair Evaluations

Reasons Faculty Say UNLV is a Great Place to Work

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Did You Know?

UNLV offers numerous resources for fostering work-life balance, promoting health and wellness, and supporting professional development, personal growth, and an inclusive campus. We also offer support for the integration of community, finances, types of leave, self and family, and work systems.

For more information please contact the Faculty Excellence Initiative, Faculty Affairs, the Office of the Vice President and Provost, or the COACHE Data Evaluator: Allison Sahl at