Two faculty members working on a dry-erase board, their reflections are on the board.

Who We Are

Our Values in Action

The Faculty Excellence Initiative (FEI) promotes a positive organizational climate that increases excellence in creativity and productivity and demonstrates the inclusion of diverse thought and scholarly methodologies. Using evidence-based best practices, this initiative will collaborate with administrative and academic units in the process of identifying and addressing policies, practices, and structures that enhance or hinder faculty advancement.

What's Our Focus?


  • Promote interdisciplinary collaborations across administrative and academic units
  • Empower Faculty
  • Collect and provide data to inform equitable decision-making by faculty, chairs, deans, and other administrators
  • Provide resources and materials that complement existing initiatives
  • Promote best practices identified by NSF ADVANCE program grantees and other appropriate entities


  • Understand the varying needs of all faculty through collaborations with administrative units, colleges, and departments
  • Understand the workplace climate from the diverse perspectives of faculty
  • Review of current workplace policies to encourage a culture of inclusiveness and flexibility


  • Publicize FEI activities and results through data dashboards and project reports
  • Share successes, challenges, and areas of improvement through peer-reviewed journals and at local, national, and international professional conferences and meetings

How do we Relate to Top Tier?

The FEI aligns with the following Top Tier Goals/Objectives:

  • Promoting achievement of the Top Tier vision and mission within the UNLV culture as informed by best practices. [ISG A7]
  • Fostering diversity, equity, and the inclusion of students, faculty members, and staff members. [ISG K1A]
  • Cultivating a positive culture of collaboration, trust, respect, empathy, camaraderie, and mutual success. [ISG K1C]
  • Creating pathways for staff members to excel and grow. [ISG A4C]
  • Providing opportunities for informed decision making. [ISG A5A, ISG A5B, ISG A5C]
  • Supporting faculty and staff training for leadership development by providing leadership, direction, support, and resources to perform job responsibilities successfully [ISG K1D; ISG K1E]
  • Deepening transparency and accountability through a community dashboard of metrics, including the diversity of our student body, our faculty, and our staff. [CMP A4C]
  • Working to create a university environment that is inclusive, welcoming, and supportive for all [ISG A1]