Request a Consultation

UNLV's Faculty Center Fellows lend disciplinary expertise in scholarship, teaching, and career planning to our professional development program. They serve as panelists, consultants, workshop leaders, mentors and coaches. If you would like to meet confidentially and one-on-one with a Faculty Center Fellow, please request a consultation.

Request a Teaching Observation

The UNLV Teaching Observation project is designed to promote thoughtful dialogue about classroom dynamics and teaching practices (onsite and online) with the goal of enhancing teaching and learning experiences. Participation is voluntary and for formative purposes, and is not connected to annual reviews or promotion/tenure reviews. Sign up to request a peer teaching observation from any of our Faculty Center Fellows. This document describes the peer observation process

Join a Writing Group

If you are interested in being a more productive writer, joining a writing group can help. The Faculty Center facilitates the formation of three types of groups that meet different needs:

  • Write-on-Site: an accountability group that agrees on a regular time to meet and write together
  • Virtual Group: an accountability group that agrees to write at a regular time daily or weekly, and check in with one another virtually (via email, Google Hangouts, texts) to send encouragement and peer support
  • Feedback Group: a writing group that meets monthly to read work and provide feedback, organized (loosely) by discipline

You might also consider the 14-Day Writing Challenge with the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity.

Benefits of Writing Groups