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Faculty Mentoring Resources

UNLV values the career development and success of its dedicated faculty and staff. This page is intended to increase visibility and access to campus mentoring programs and resources, including:

  • Guidance on how to become a faculty mentor
  • Guidelines for establishing a mentoring program at the local or university levels
  • Awards that recognize the service of faculty mentors

Upcoming Events

Campus Mentoring Programs

Engineering Faculty Program

The purpose of the Engineering Faculty Program is to facilitate the matching of engineering faculty interested in participating in one-on-one and/or group mentoring with a faculty mentor in the College of Engineering. The program specifically addresses teaching improvement, navigating bureaucracy, grants, introductions to potential collaborators, insight into tenure and promotion expectations, and student advising issues.

Target Audience: engineering faculty

Jacimaria Batista, Professor, Environmental Engineering, P.E
Phone: 702-895-1585
Email: jacimaria.batista@unlv.edu

First-Generation Faculty Program

First generation faculty members face many of the same challenges entering their first jobs in higher education as they did when they were first generation students pursuing their academic degrees. The Intersection serves as a connection point to help first generation faculty members acclimate to our campus. The program provides monthly gatherings that allow for faculty to meet, share ideas and information, and connect with others over a cup of coffee. These networking events have resulted in partnerships for academic programming, interdisciplinary research collaborations, and making faculty feel welcomed, valued, and part of the UNLV family.

Target Audience: first generation faculty

Harriet Barlow, Executive Director of The Intersection
Phone: 702-895-0459
Email: harriet.barlow@unlv.edu

Libraries Faculty Mentoring Program

The purpose of the Faculty Mentoring Committee is to facilitate the matching of library faculty interested in participating in one-on-one and/or group mentoring.  Mentors will assist new faculty to become familiar with UNLV Libraries and/or will help faculty as they pursue tenure and/or promotion. 

Target Audience: library faculty

Lateka Grays, Associate Professor and Hospitality Librarian
Phone: 702-895-2203
Email: lateka.grays@unlv.edu

Nontenure-Track Teaching Circle

The Non-tenure track Teaching Circle welcomes full-time teaching faculty (faculty in residence and lecturers) to come together and form a platform of support. The monthly meetings focus on career mentoring, with an emphasis on teaching excellence.

Target Audience: Faculty-in-residence and lecturers

Dana Cotham, Professor in Residence, Hospitality
Phone: 702-895-5086
Email: dana.cotham@unlv.edu

Part-Time Faculty Community Forum

This group focuses on the career development of part-time faculty. Discussion topics are determined by faculty participants.

Target Audience: part-time academic faculty

Denise Tillery, Professor and Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
Email: denise.tillery@unlv.edu

School of Nursing Faculty Mentoring Program

The purpose of the Nursing Faculty Mentoring Program is to facilitate the matching of newer nursing faculty with more senior nursing faculty for one-on-one mentoring in the School of Nursing. The program addresses the six domains of teaching, research/scholarship, service, collaboration, communication and support, and professional role. 

Target Audience: nursing faculty

Susan McLennon, Professor and Associate Dean

Tenure-Track Mentoring Group

This group focuses on the career development of tenure-track faculty. Discussion topics are determined by faculty participants. 

Target Audience: tenure-track academic faculty

Melissa Bowles-Terry, Director, Faculty Center
Phone: 702-895-2121
Email: melissa.bowles-terry@unlv.edu

Han-fen Hu, Associate Professor, Lee School of Business
Email: han-fen.hu@unlv.edu

For information about local programs within your unit, contact your unit supervisor. To develop a mentoring program for your unit or campus organization, see the Guidelines for Developing a Mentoring Program.

Faculty Mentoring Spotlight

Mentoring is a critically important yet often undervalued practice in higher education. The Faculty Center is committed to recognizing and honoring those faculty at UNLV who provide this highly important service by advising, guiding, and mentoring their colleagues.

Each month the Faculty Mentoring Spotlight features an administrative or academic faculty member who exemplifies the mentor service model. UNLV faculty are encouraged to nominate themselves or colleagues for this recognition.

Mentoring Spotlight Nomination Form


For questions about the provided mentoring resources and programs, contact facultycenter@unlv.edu.