Established in August 2007, the UNLV Facility Proctor Program is a partnership between Facilities Management and representatives of select university departments established to foster communication and information sharing for the benefit of the entire campus community. The tremendous growth of UNLV has resulted in unprecedented demands on the Facilities Management Department, which makes meeting the needs of customers and the facilities they occupy increasingly more involved and complex. The Facility Proctor Program helps FM fulfill its central operating principles of providing outstanding communications and service to all of its customers.

Members of this group help FM further its outreach activities by serving as a communications link between FM and Proctor constituents when needed. Such activities are expected to occur during emergencies, unplanned outages, when work is being planned for a proctored area, and as other notification situations arise. Proctors can submit requests to FM when updates to building directories are needed or whenever facility occupants spot items in disrepair. Proctors may also be called upon to serve as a point-of-contact when original work requesters are unavailable to answer questions or provide access to work areas.

Proctors periodically attend meetings where they are provided awareness training on FM operations, electronic tools that allow them to do their jobs more effectively, FM contact information and phone numbers, sneak peeks of coming attractions, changes and improvements, and a forum where questions are answered and suggestions can be made.


For more information on this program, contact the program's director:

Michael Bailey, 702-895-1193

Proctor Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain contact list in database
  • Make notifications when alerted by FM
  • Notify FM when alerted to a situation reported by others
  • Submit work requests for items reported to you or discovered by you
  • Ensure work requests with charge numbers are submitted to update building directories.
  • Serve as point-of-contact when requested
  • Inform the FM help desk when vacation or extended leave occurs
  • Attend proctor meetings when called
  • Inform proctor program directors upon transferring to another department, termination from UNLV, or when you no longer wish to be a proctor