Zet Gold: On My Mountain


Sep. 13, 2019 - Feb. 22, 2020 (All day)

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Window Gallery (located on the exterior Southeast corner of MSM-HRC building)


Zet Gold: "On My Mountain"


Window Exhibition Program

The Window Gallery at the UNLV Marjorie Barrick Museum of Art is next to UNLV’s Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies, across from UNLV’s William F. Harrah College of Hospitality, under a covered walkway where golf carts sometimes park, and next to a cactus garden. Students, staff, and faculty pass by this small window on their daily treks across campus.

I think it sometimes feels good to be small. I was small underwater once. I felt small and silent. Also, I’ve never stared down a bull, but I imagine staring down that beast. I might feel quite small. 

To be small. Be small. Small is not a bad thing. 

People think of Las Vegas as an epic place. Big highs. Big meals. Similarly, art can get big. Large equipment. Fundamental changes. But, really, big is small, and small is big.

We’re all small, massive, secret, visible, heard, unheard, useful, watching, waiting, and invisible. How can we make the most incredible, indelible, unforgettable, ephemeral statements and still be small, thoughtful, or humble? Why do things tend to get so complicated and hard?

An exhibit could be a wonderful small thing, just the way a light switch is a small thing. A light switch is powerful but small. I want exhibits like light switches. 

Zet Gold is the first artist to exhibit in the Window Gallery at UNLV. Gold is originally from Las Vegas and now living in the midwest. The work on display is based on a series of journal entry observations Gold calls “birdwatching.” Sometimes the observations are things she sees, and sometimes they are experiences. 

The title of this new piece for the Window Gallery is “On My Mountain.” It tells a narrative of a secret wedding.

Zet writes that she knew “this would be the appropriate painting to share at the little secret gallery at UNLV and Las Vegas, the home of wild elopements and impromptu weddings.”

What unions and allegiances of yours are public? Which ones are secret, spontaneous, solemn, crazy, carefully planned, highly significant, or hidden in plain sight?


-- Marcus Civin, Professor and Chair, Department of Art

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