Women Entrepreneurship Week: Ira Green


Oct. 24, 2019, 4pm to 5:30pm

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BEH 120


Born in Kiev, Ukraine, and raised in Seattle, Washington, Ira Green is CEO and founder of Freedom Deodorant. With two and a half years in the spa industry, Ira’s passion for helping others started with a small target and has now spread to many more. Citing “mother and dishwasher” as her occupation right beside “CEO and founder,” she is fiercely loyal and devoted to her daughters and friends.

“A couple of years ago, three of my friends were diagnosed
with breast cancer,” recalls Ira. “Their doctor recommended that they use natural cosmetic and hygienic products,
including staying away from normal antiperspirant. According to the FDA, antiperspirant is a 'drug'—did you know that? I didn’t, and I decided to never touch it again! Well, that wasn’t so easy. The alternatives didn’t work. They smelled like trees, or had to be scooped out of a pot, or had perfumes in them, or claimed to be 'all-natural' when they weren’t. So I was left with the question of what to do. My answer was to make my own all-natural deodorant in my kitchen, just for me, my daughters and my friends.”

“Fast forward two years and Freedom Deodorant is sold at the Four Seasons, Miraval, Mandarin Oriental, Ritz Carlton, QVC and many others. This was done with lots of hard work. We never paid influencers or took money from big investors, though that would have made it easier. We are a small company that supports The Caring Place, the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation and the American Cancer Society. I have a passion for helping anyone who has been
affected by cancer to lead an easier life, and we just had the opportunity to sponsor a couple of kids battling cancer to go to summer camp!”



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