Why Accessibility? + Hands-on Word Accessibility Wrkshp


Feb. 24, 2020, 1pm to 4pm

Campus Location

Office/Remote Location

BEH 240, Faculty Center Multi-Use Room


This event is a basic introduction on digital accessibility, with a specific focus of Microsoft Word. Our two-part session is aimed at UNLV administrators, faculty, graduate teaching assistants and staff who create as well as maintain documents in Microsoft Word.

Part 1 (1 pm to 2:05 pm):

Participants will be added to Office of Accessibility Resources' Basic Accessibility Course, hosted in WebCampus. This first hour will consist of a cursory overview of course as a group, beginning with the idea of accessibility and continuing with a clarification of terms. The second half-hour will be a demonstration of assistive technologies (AT) as they can be used by students.

Part 2 (2:15 - 4 pm):

A more detailed, step-by-step, demonstration with practice in the correcting ("remediation") of an existing Microsoft Word document to become first an accessible Word document. The second demonstration will be the generation and review of a PDF generated from the remediated Microsoft Word document. The portion of the allotted time is devoted to participants working with the Accessibility Resource Team members to apply the concepts and skills demonstrated


Free admission

Admission Information

  1. An active UNLV ACE account with access to WebCampus will be useful for participants.
  2. Participants will be enrolled in a WebCampus-based training course related to accessibility and Word document creation right before the session.
  3. Participants are invited to bring their Microsoft Word-equipped mobile computer (Mac OS X or Windows 10) as well as DOCX files for review.

Contact Information

Office of Accessibility Resources

External Sponsor

UNLV Office of Accessibility Resources and its Accessibility Resources Team