Welcome Week: Lose Your Head at the Barrick


Aug. 30, 2013,
9am to 5pm

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Lose your head at the Barrick and become one of "The New Irascibles" in the iconic group portrait and 1985 drawing by Mark Kostabi - on display now.

The History Behind the Work: The original Irascibles were an art-protest group of Abstract Expressionist artists who wrote an open letter to the president of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, against the museum’s exhibition, American Painting Today 1950. They believed the curators were “hostile to advanced art,” particularly Abstract Expressionism. Life magazine photographed part of the group and named its picture, The Irascibles.

Visit the Barrick Musuem blog to learn more about the history leading up to Mark Kostabi’s, The New Irascibles, 1985.

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This event is free and open to the public.

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