Visiting Artists: Sara Cwynar & Casey Jane Ellison


Jan. 31, 2017, 7pm to 9pm

Office/Remote Location



The Barrick is pleased to present Sara Cwynar and Casey Jane Ellison. The artists will screen videos and introduce their practices. Cwynar and Ellison are currently completing their artist residencies for the Zabludowicz Collection. 

Sara Cwynar
b. 1985, Vancouver. Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY
Sara Cwynar will be filming various locations in and around Las Vegas, including the Hoover Dam and the Strip, as research to inform a future project. A circular process is key to Sarah Cwynar’s photographic work. Her starting point is a found picture and a new image the result, which she reaches through a journey of intervention and manipulation. She photographs, prints, tiles, and re-photographs sculptural constructions, deconstructs analogue darkroom pictures by scanning or reshooting them and turning them into collages. Cwynar restages evocative existing images with everyday materials, composing new meanings and narratives whilst compromising our familiarity with the original sources. These anachronistic images indicate the passing of time, accentuating the changes that images and their meanings go through.

Casey Jane Ellison
b. 1988, Los Angeles. Lives and works in Los Angeles.
Casey Jane Ellison is expanding on recent research, using Las Vegas performance residencies as an entry point for examining how female agency is altered by fame and commodification.
As a writer, comedian and artist Casey Jane Ellison directs, animates and performs her art works. Her versatility produces stand-up comedy performances, lectures, and TV shows, all inspired by the idea of ‘self’, objectification, and paranoia. For instance, It’s So Important to Seem Wonderful Part II, 2015, touches upon parodying performances, and alienates her own image by digitizing her body unrealistically. Ellison’s work is both funny and critical, strong and vulnerable, but always focuses on the female perspective. She is mostly known for her talk show Touching the Art, in which she asks women questions about topics that women generally not get to talk about, like earning money in the art world, the female point of view regarding sexuality, or the position of art in society.

2017 marks the second edition of Zabludowicz Collection's artist residency programme in Las Vegas, USA. Five international artists have been invited to engage with this unique cultural location and direct research for work in response to their experiences of the city. As a globally famous tourist destination, a center for conferences and trade fairs focused on technology and industry, and a functioning city built upon an area of outstanding natural beauty, Las Vegas provides a fascinating array of opportunities for artists to develop their ideas and practices. The residency initiative emerges out of the Zabludowicz family’s ownership of real estate in Downtown Vegas, and their longstanding interest in exploring how different aspects of contemporary visual culture might coexist in the city. As part of the residency, artists are encouraged to connect with art museums and education courses based in the city. 

Image: Casey Jane Ellison, It's So Important to Seem Wonderful Part II, 2015 (still) 

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