Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Judy Ledgerwood


Oct. 28, 2013,
7pm to 9pm

Office/Remote Location



Visiting Artist Lecture Series: Judy Ledgerwood

The UNLV College of Fine Arts' Department of Art presents the Visiting Artist Lecture Series with Artist Judy Ledgerwood.

Confronting the traditions of modernist painting, Judy Ledgerwood uses color as the primary agent to question the conventions of painting. Early in her career, Ledgerwood began incorporating traditionally feminine pastel colors into her paintings in an attempt to challenge and undermine the historically male-dominated tradition of abstract painting. Today her compositions include circular motifs typically associated with the decorative arts tradition and the pastel palette has been replaced in favor of more optically stimulating hues.

For more information on artist Judy Ledgerwood visit, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago website.

To view examples of Judy's work visit, the 1301PE Gallery website

For more information on the Visiting Artist Lecture Series visit, the Marjorie Barrick Museum website.

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This lecture is free and open to the public.

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