Virtual Science Café Las Vegas: Michael Treat


Dec. 2, 2020, 7pm to 8pm

Office/Remote Location

Online (Zoom)


Michael Treat, a post-doctoral student in the UNLV School of Life Sciences, will speak at an upcoming Virtual Science Café Las Vegas. His virtual presentation is titled, "Hibernators Healing Humans: Potential Biomedical Lessons from Mammalian Hibernators."

Animals inhabit virtually every environment on Earth and have evolved extraordinary solutions that allow them to survive in extreme conditions (e.g. deserts, arctic tundra, hydrothermal vents, etc.). Despite the diversity in animal form and function, animal genomes are surprisingly similar. Therefore, the ability to survive extreme conditions may already exist in most genomes, including ours. Hibernating animals display an extreme physiological state known as torpor wherein metabolism is depressed to as low as ~1% of active rates, heart rates may be reduced from 250 beats per minute to as low as 2-3 bpm, and body temperature drops to as low as -2.9°C (below the freezing point of water!). Hibernators routinely experience hypothermia, anorexia (they go without eating for 6-9 months), insulin resistance, and bone and muscle disuse that would incapacitate a human. Understanding how hibernators cope with these and other medically relevant situations will provide insight into the development of novel therapeutics aimed to treat and prevent human disease.

The virtual presentation will be presented via Zoom.

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