Virtual Science Café Las Vegas: Jeffrey Ebersole


Feb. 3, 2021, 7pm to 8pm

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Online (Zoom)


Jeffrey L. Ebersole, associate dean for research at the UNLV School of Dental Medicine, will speak at an upcoming Virtual Science Café Las Vegas. His virtual presentation is titled, "Longevity and Aging: Precision Oral Health Sciences for the 21st Century."

Substantial data is available related to a clear increase in disease susceptibility with aging. This includes research in oral health sciences demonstrating significant increases in periodontitis (gum disease) with aging, consistent with a wide array of “age-associated diseases” (eg. diabetes, CVD, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer). Within the science of aging, evidence supports the existence of chronic low level systemic inflammation (‘inflammaging’) that is coincident with a broad loss of immunity capacity (‘immunosenescence’) in aged individuals. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms causing these changes are unclear, as well as how these changes impact susceptibility to aging diseases in the oral cavity. This presentation will provide some of my laboratory's data documenting aging effects on immune responses and periodontal disease in humans. We have also generated data using a nonhuman primate model of periodontitis providing evidence for substantial local oral changes in immune components with age and disease. Finally, Ebersole will present a model for consideration, whereby periodontitis may not simply be a disease of aging, but may actually contribute to ‘unhealthy aging’ and enhance the risk of various systemic disease sequela.

The virtual presentation will be presented via Zoom.

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