Virtual Science Café Las Vegas: John Mercer


May. 5, 2021, 7pm to 8pm

Office/Remote Location

Online (Zoom)


John Mercer, professor and acting chair in the UNLV Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition Sciences, will speak at an upcoming Virtual Science Café Las Vegas. His virtual presentation is titled, "Physics and Physiology of Endurance Sport: Swim, Bike, and Run."

Dr. Mercer will talk about the research he has done that blends biomechanics and physiology to understand endurance performance. Specifically, he will discuss a broad scope of research on swimming, biking, and running with the perspective of how athletes can go faster and/or farther. This work will include a description of core temperature during swimming in warm water, vibration of bike wheels during cycling, and the importance of stride frequency during running.

The virtual presentation will be presented via Zoom.

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