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Sep. 29, 2021, 4pm to 5pm

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"From Vaccines to Tumors: Utilizing Tuned X-Rays and Electrochemistry to Create High Quality Treatments" 

presented by Dr. Michael Pravica

Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy

When most of us think of vaccines, we think of medicines, liquids and other elixirs that will prevent, or curb infectious disease. Dr. Michael Pravica, a physicist at UNLV, approaches vaccines from a different angle. Utilizing x-rays, lasers and electrochemistry, Dr, Pravica is using his expertise to damage the interior of viruses to develop vaccines. His work also explores the use of differential conductivity with electrochemistry, which may prove to be useful in cancer immunotherapy and an efficient means for tumor destruction. Join us as Dr. Pravica shares his work on the cutting edge of medicine.



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