U.S. State Department Info Session


Nov. 5, 2018, 4pm to 5:30pm

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Room 101
US State Department career information poster


The US Stated Department, Bureau of Overseas Building Operations is hosting an info session on their enginering employment opportunities. 

A bit about the FM job itself: Our Facilities Managers are responsible for the operation and maintenance of our 87 billion dollar portfolio across 285 missions worldwide. Each FM will manage a facilities team of between 30 – 80 locally employed (usually native to the country in which they are posted) technicians in overseeing the day to day operations and special projects of the embassy. OBO provides its FMs with training required for managing an entire overseas Embassy compound and the housing that is provided to all of our diplomats. FMs rotate between posts every two to three years, allowing FMs global professional development. Overseas schooling K-12 and housing is provided to all diplomats at no cost to them. There are opportunities for language training both prior to arriving at post and at the post itself.

The position education requirements are:

1. Undergraduate degree in any major and three years Specialized Experience; or

2. Master’s degree or higher in any major and two years Specialized Experience; or

3. Undergraduate degree or higher in Facilities Management (FM) or Facilities Engineering (FE) does not require Specialized Experience.

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This event is free to all students and alumni.

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Engineering Career Services
Marian Mason

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US Department of State, Bureau of Overseas Building Operations