UNLVHROWMIS101? Alphabet Soup, Data, or Info? Training


Oct. 17, 2012,
2pm to 3:30pm

Campus Location

Office/Remote Location

Room 212G


UNLVHROWMIS101? Alphabet Soup, Data, or Information? is a one-hour introduction workshop brought to you by the Office of Human Resources.

This short class will provide a description and pictorial representation of the HR oracle warehouse.  You will learn where the data comes from, how often it is updated from the true data source, and how the table layout might be different than you might expect from using HRMS. 

This class will also provide an interactive preview of what steps are required to connect to the tables; design simple select queries using the MSAccess 2010 query builder; and utilize a few refinement techniques, to limit the quantity of data you request, so that you are building information not just extracting data.

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This workshop is free to faculty and staff. Please register to reserve your spot.

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