Sculpture Show: Void. Power. Solitude.


May. 16, 2013,
9am to 9pm

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Sculpture Student Group Showcase

UNLV senior undergraduate students Mark Combs, Holly Vaughn and Amanda Haymond have organized a new exhibit, opening May 15, at the university's Grant Hall gallery. Combs, Vaughn and Haymond are studio art majors with emphasis in sculpture. The art show will showcase their new sculptural work completed this semester in advanced sculpture.

The closing reception will be held in the Grant Hall gallery on the UNLV campus from 6-9 p.m., Fri., May 17.

The show title, VOID. POWER. SOLITUDE., are words the artists chose as representations of their individual focus. While the works are based on their respective interests, they found a unity in the themes revolving around the concepts embodied in these words. Combs, Vaughn and Haymond will each be showcasing new sculptures in addition to preliminary drawings created during the planning phase for their various sculptures.

Whether it be Comb's industrial sculptures of hands and fingers in provocative gestures, Vaughn's ghostly sculptures that communicate quietly via simple lines, or Haymond's rebellious sculptures that contrast harsh materials like trash with craft work such as knitting, each artist aims for connection, provocation and contemplation through the work.

The UNLV Art Department is proud to present the work of the advanced sculpture students whose work represents a small cross section of the various technical and conceptual approaches currently practiced in contemporary sculpture.

For more information, contact Brian Zimmerman, UNLV visiting professor in sculpture

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