University Forum: Measles Vaccination vs Herd Immunity


Nov. 6, 2017, 7pm to 9pm

Office/Remote Location

Child reaching for immunization vials.


The College of Liberal Arts' University Forum lecture series presents Should My Child Get Measles Vaccination? Can't I Just Rely on Herd Immunity? a talk by John Christiaan Bester, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, UNLV.

Because high rates of measles vaccination creates a population protection effect called herd immunity, some parents or physicians may be tempted to forgo vaccination for the individual child to instead rely on herd immunity protection. This presentation will examine whether it is a good idea to skip vaccination to instead rely on herd immunity.

This session will:

  • Introduce basic facts about measles, how the vaccine works, and herd immunity;
  • Consider the moral principles involved in making decisions on behalf of children;

And present a number of arguments to provide clarity on the obligations of parents and healthcare professionals to the individual child when it comes to measles vaccination.

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This event is free and open to the public.

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