University Forum Lecture Series - Perverse Actions


Feb. 8, 2024, 4pm to 5:30pm

Office/Remote Location

Barrick Museum Auditorium


Speaker: Paul Bloom, Professor of Psychology, University of Toronto & Yale University

We occasionally act in ways that are wrong—morally or otherwise—at least partially because of the wrongness, as when we break a rule just for the sake of breaking it. Paul Bloom explores theories of such perverse actions, including failures of thought suppression, signaling, strategic behavior, expressions of autonomy, and “hopeful monsters.” Some of these fail to adequately explain perversity, but others are more successful. Bloom suggests that studying perverse actions can tell us interesting things about human nature.



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Free to all students, faculty, staff and the public. 

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College of Liberal Arts' Dean's Office
Sewwandi Jayakody

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Co-sponsored by the Department of Philosophy