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Dec. 7, 2017, 11:30am to 1:30pm

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Room 218


University Bylaws is responsible for maintaining the university bylaws and the Faculty Senate Bylaws. It also reviews bylaws of divisions and makes recommendations.

6.16 The University Bylaws Committee shall have the responsibility of maintaining the university bylaws (formally Title 5, Chapter 6 in the Board of Regents Handbook) and see to their timely and accurate posting on the faculty senate website.

  • 6.16.1 The Committee shall conduct periodic reviews of the UNLV Bylaws to ensure compliance with the Board of Regents Handbook and Regent policies.
  • 6.16.2 The Committee shall make changes to the UNLV Bylaws that are properly approved by the majority of the voting faculty.
  • 6.16.3 As requested, the Committee shall advise the Faculty Senate Chairperson and the Executive Committee on interpretation of the UNLV and Faculty Senate Bylaws.
  • 6.16.4 The Committee shall review UNLV and its division’s bylaws, and recommend revisions whenever desirable. It shall also serve to interpret UNLV and its division’s bylaws, and recommend such interpretations to the Faculty Senate. (3/10)

University Bylaws is an active committee making recommendations that keep the bylaws of the University and the Faculty Senate up to date with current activities and trends.

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