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Nov. 3, 2020, 3pm to 4pm
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Tuesday Talks is a virtual space created for UNLV students of color to openly engage in dialogues around what it means to be a person of color on campus. This space serves to empower students of color and help them recognize that there are other individuals that share similar experiences.

  • September 8 & 22, 2020:  Let's Talk about Microaggressions
  • October 6 & 20, 2020:  Colorism: Decolonize Your Mind
  • November 3 & 17, 2020:  Interracial Relationships
  • December 1 & 15, 2020:  Family, Culture & Integration

Why is this space created?

It is not surprising that our mainstream cultural values mostly entails white dominate values. The values of whiteness are the water in which we swim. Specifically, these values include things like being legitimized for using academic language, an expectation of perfectionism (i.e., "getting it right"), fear of open conflict, blaming those who cause discomfort, and a sense of urgency that takes precedence over inclusion. Research suggests in integrated spaces people of color fall into the roles that society has assigned to them. As a person of color, and perhaps the only one in the room, it's exhausting to always be swimming upstream. To survive in this society, people of color learn to hold our tongue, to "code switch" to fit in. In other words, people of color often have assimilated to white cultural norms, and that assimilation has become part of our identity. Therefore, this specific space for student of color is created to allow students of color to reclaim and rewire forgotten parts of themselves and thrive at UNLV.



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