Training: Independent Service Provider (ISP) Training


Nov. 18, 2013,
2pm to 3:30pm

Campus Location

Office/Remote Location

Room 212G


Who are you hiring? Employee vs. Independent Service Provider? For federal tax purposes, this is an important distinction. Worker classification affects how federal income tax, social security and Medicare taxes are paid. If you aren’t sure of your worker’s status, this training course is for you. We will explain the three main elements in making the correct determination, behavioral control, financial control & relationship of the parties.

Additional Dates & Times:

  • Oct. 18, 9–10:30 a.m.
  • Nov. 18, 2-3:30 p.m.


Admission Information

Training is free and open to faculty and staff.

To register, visit the training enrollment webpage.

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Office of Human Resources and the Division of Finance and Business