Talk on Mimbres Archaeology by Dr. Darrell Creel


Nov. 4, 2013,
11:30am to 12:30pm

Office/Remote Location

Room 218


UNLV’S department of anthropology presents: Mimbres Archaeology: New Data from the Swarts Ruin, a talk by Dr. Darrell Creel, University of Texas, Austin.

Reanalysis of the Peabody Museum’s 1924-1927 excavation of the Swarts ruin in the middle Mimbres Valley is providing a more detailed and more current understanding of the site. Swarts had a substantial Late Pithouse period village with at least two great kivas and three Classic period surface pueblo roomblocks overlying the pithouses. A brief summary of the ongoing architectural, mortuary, and artifact analysis is presented, with new data on chemical compositional analysis of pottery and continuing DNA, strontium, and isotopic analysis of the human remains. Multiple lines of evidence indicate that Swarts was a multiethnic community that interacted with Cibola, Jornada, and Hohokam peoples to the north, east and southeast, and west. 

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