Statistics Seminar: Nitis Mukhopadhyay


Apr. 4, 2014,
11:30am to 12:30pm

Office/Remote Location

Room 114


Professor Nitis Mukhopadhyay from the University of Connecticut, Storrs, will be the featured speaker at a Department of Mathematical Sciences statistics seminar. His talk is titled, "On Sufficiency, Minimal Sufficiency, Information and Ancillarity: Examples and Counterexamples."

Sufficiency, minimal sufficiency, information, and ancillarity are some of the deepest notions forming the very core of all statistical science laid down by R. A. Fisher nearly 100 years ago. Yet, intricacies are abound and many so-called "obvious results" often turn out false due to conceptual mix-up. In this presentation, Mukhopadhyay will happily explore some of the basic issues with the help of examples and counterexamples.

There will be refreshments starting at 11:15 a.m.

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