Statistics Seminar: Dr. Scott Berry


Oct. 18, 2019, 11:30am to 12:30pm

Office/Remote Location

Room 235


Speaker: Dr. Scott Berry, Berry Consultants

Title: Bayesian Disease Progression Modeling in Clinical Trials


Frequently, primary analyses in clinical trials of progressive diseases use change-from-baseline

type analyses, such as the MMRM. These analyses of the absolute changes at different time

points ignores that the disease is progressive and the mechanism of the intervention is to slow


In this talk I’ll present several examples in which a Bayesian primary analysis is created that

analyzes whether an intervention slows the rate of progression of a disease, rather than the

absolute change. The analysis can create a great deal of improved precision — as well as

improved clinical interpretations. Multiple examples will be discussed, including dominantly

inherited Alzheimer’s, GNE Myopathy, and Batten’s Disease.



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