Startup vs. Small Business: What’s the Real Difference?


Nov. 8, 2021, 4pm to 5pm

Office/Remote Location



The number of people starting their own small business reached a 13-year record high in September of 2020. Despite the pandemic - or maybe because of it - there is a small business boom in the U.S. going on now.  With many new booming small businesses, the word “startup” has quickly made its rank into the current buzzword. Often synonymously used as “new business”, a startup is actually different from a small business. From growth goals to funding, startups and small businesses are actually much more distant than most people would initially think. Join us for this interactive, informative workshop to learn about the real difference between entities and start thinking about your own future endeavor. By participating in this workshop you will:

  • Learn what classifies a company as a startup vs. a small business
  • Learn what it takes to start both
  • Obtain tips on how to successfully start and run both 

The Grad Academy Pillars: Career Prep. 
The Grad Academy Program: PGCPP
Learning Experience: Panel
Time Commitment: < 2 hours
Lifecycle Stage: Early-Mid-Late Master’s, Early-Mid-LateDoctoral

  • Dr. Yong Li, Professor, Lee Professor of Entrepreneurship, Research Director for Troesh Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Dr. Robert Rippee, Executive Director, Black Fire Innovation Hub
  • Walter Carey, Goals Coach, US Bank
  • TaChelle Lawson, President of FIG Strategy & Consulting

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