Sports Research and Innovation Initiative's #SportResearchSummit


Mar. 5, 2021, 10am to 12pm

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Calling all UNLV faculty interested in sport research!

Our first-ever UNLV #SportResearchSummit will join together UNLV's brightest academic minds to collaborate on sport-related research and innovation. By bringing together researchers from various scholarly fields and disciplines, our goal is to build teams that will lead to innovative solutions that establish UNLV as a sport research hub and Las Vegas as the Sport and Entertainment Capital of the World.

Areas of research to be discussed include: Brain Health, Diversity and Inclusion, esports, Military Health and Performance, PGA Golf Management, Sport and Health, Sports Betting, Sport Business, Sports Performance, Sport Psychology, and Student Engagement.



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When registering for this event, please indicate the area of research that you are most interested in collaborating on. Our areas of research are listed and briefly described below:

  • Brain Health - In recent years, brain health has become one of the most critical and talked about areas of sport research and innovation. Making sure that athletes’ brains are safe during play and remain healthy throughout their lives is crucial to look into. Research and innovation in this field is far reaching, but some of the topics include brain injuries, long term effects of different sports on the brain, and different types of equipment for different sports.
  • Diversity and Inclusion - Sport touches the lives of millions of people on a daily basis. Research in the area of diversity and inclusion is essential in understanding systems, policies and barriers to the advancement of under-represented groups in sport. Broad areas of research in this field include gender equity, pay equality, race, religion and sexual identity as it relates to sport, media coverage, marketing, and ethical considerations including representation and advancement in sport leadership.
  • esports - In the last few years, esports have been taking the world by storm. Research and innovation in this field are essential when figuring out how to grow and further this up and coming sport realm. Some of the main areas of esports research and innovation include sports betting, sales and marketing tactics, mental and physical skills, and how to improve performance.
  • Military Health and Performance - Sports are not the only area where performance is critically important. To military service persons, health and performance are paramount to ensuring their safety and well-being when serving their country. Research and innovation in military health and performance encompasses several different areas including optimizing physical performance, addressing mental performance, understanding unique physical demands of the field, and figuring out how to best train to meet those unique demands.
  • PGA Golf Management - The UNLV PGA Golf Management is one of only 18 PGA-accredited college programs in the U.S. Students receive hands-on training through classroom instruction, practical internship experience, community service, and other career development opportunities. The program has an excellent job placement rate and is administered through the William F. Harrah College of Hospitality.
  • Sport and Health - Research in the area of health and it’s connection to sport is essential to advance our understanding of human potential and well-being. Broad areas of research include sport participations impact on chronic disease prevention and improved mental health and well-being; sport participation as a tool for improving health and promoting other healthy behaviors; the use of sport in social marketing to change behavior for the good of individual and community health.
  • Sports Betting - Las Vegas has historically been in a unique position to foster and promote research and innovation in sports betting. The UNLV International Gaming Institute is regarded as the “Harvard of Gaming” by Global Gaming Business. There are many different areas of research and room for innovation in the sports betting world, and all are essential to furthering this unique field.
  • Sport Business - Sports are a constant relationship between the physical aspects and the business aspects of the game. In order to continue to bring sports of all levels to the greater population, business practices and methods must continue to grow, evolve, and be carried out in the best possible way. Some domains of research and innovation in this sports field include data analytics and intelligence, consumer behavior, fandom engagement, and financial management.
  • Sports Performance - Athletes and teams are always looking for that edge that is going to catapult them over the competition. Due to this, sports performance encompasses many different areas of research and innovation. Some of the main areas of research are the biomechanics involved in sport, gender-based performance training and data, injury prevention and rehab, different physiological aspects of sport and performance, and wearable technology. While this is an extensive list, this by no means encompasses all of the different sports performance-based research endeavors that are currently in the works.
  • Sport Psychology - Sport Psychology focuses on not only the mental health of athletes and performers but also the mental strategy that athletes use in order to perform at an optimal level in their chosen realm. With the “mental game” being such a large part of sport and performance, there has been a recent push to make sport psychology a more widespread facet of the game as well as a surge in teams that have equipped themselves with experts who can work with their athletes and performers. Research in this area is very widespread and includes substance abuse in athlete populations, different mental health issues in athlete populations, methods for improving performance, and team dynamics.
  • Student Engagement - Drumming up interest in the next generation of sport professionals is vital in ensuring the continued growth and sustained quality of work being done in different athletic realms. In order to do this, entities must encourage student engagement in order to foster interest in the different sport job opportunities. At UNLV in particular, the student career engagement program is designed to connect UNLV students to the growing Nevada sports scene and the world.

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