Sociology Brownbag: Maggie McNeill


Jun. 17, 2014,
12:30pm to 2pm

Office/Remote Location

Room B225


The department of sociology would like to invite you to attend their June Brown Bag series with Maggie McNeill.

Though popular blogger Maggie McNeill is best known for her perceptive, witty and razor-sharp essays on the facts about and issues surrounding sex work, her short fiction has also been highly praised. This book, her first published collection, contains thirty-seven stories ranging from fantasy to reality and from comedy to horror, whose heroines are all quite different from one another but have one thing in common: membership in the world's oldest profession. But what makes them interesting isn't entirely bound up in their work; in fact, you may find that, with a few notable exceptions, they aren't all that different from other women you may know, either in fiction or in real life. The strange and fantastic situations they find themselves in, however, are another matter entirely…" !   McNeill has been a librarian, stripper, call girl and madam, and now writes a successful blog called "The Honest Courtesan" which examines the realities, myths, history, lore, science, philosophy, art, and every other aspect of prostitution; she also reports sex work news, critiques the way her profession is treated in the media and by governments, and is frequently consulted by academics and journalists as an expert on the subject.

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