Severance Radio feat. Shelley Kelly and Natalie Penning


Sep. 20, 2020, 7pm to 8pm

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Severance Radio is an on-air book club dissecting Ling Ma’s satirical, dystopian novel Severance. The novel is a moving family story that explores loneliness, corporate monotony, and survival in the midst of a global health crisis.

In this episode, Severance Radio host Heidi Kyser interviews Professor Shelley Kelly and Natalie Pennington on the effects of a solitary life amid a pandemic.

Shelley Kelly is a professor, reader, music lover, motorcyclist. She is one of the little people who makes things happen. She has a true belief in the notion that every problem can be solved with a long ride on a motorcycle. Her motto is “You live more in 5 minutes on a motorcycle than most people live in a lifetime.”

Natalie Pennington is an expert in interpersonal communication within the context of communication technology. An assistant professor of communication studies, she examines how private topics become public on social networking platforms and the resulting impact on relationships. Her research looks at how users of social media build and maintain relationships, the potential benefits and harms associated with technology use, and social support and grieving online. Pennington’s work has been published in several academic publications, including New Media & Society, Social Media + Society, Computers in Human Behavior, and the Journal of Broadcasting and Electronic Media.


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Severance Radio: A Nevada Reads Book Club is jointly produced by Nevada Humanities and the Black Mountain Institute.