Seminar: School of Community Health Sciences


Nov. 2, 2018, 10:30am to 12pm


The UNLV School of Community Health Sciences is presenting seminars for candidates of the Health for Nevada Health Disparities Director and Professor of Community Health Sciences.

Dr. Paula Frew will give a seminar on "Envisioning Systems Change and Integrated Interventions to Promote Health for Nevada."


The opportunity to address Nevada’s most pressing health issues can be achieved through effective science and programs. Although Nevada currently has poor overall health-related indicators for many diseases and healthcare delivery, the health of its citizens will be substantially improved in years ahead through the Health for Nevada Initiative. This presentation will focus on how the Initiative is poised to build its research infrastructure to introduce healthcare innovation, enhance care delivery approaches, and expand community-engaged multidisciplinary collaborations with emerging healthcare industries and partners. With a vision toward development and implementation of evidence-based programs to advance Nevada’s health, discussion will focus on ways that the Initiative provides UNLV novel avenues for reducing the State’s health disparities.

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The event is free and open to the public, students, faculty and staff.

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UNLV School of Community Health Sciences
Nicole Santero

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UNLV School of Community Health Sciences - Department of Environmental and Occupational Health