Science Café Las Vegas: Andrew Andres


Sep. 6, 2017, 7pm to 8pm

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McMullan's Irish Pub - 4650 W. Tropicana Ave., #110


Andrewe Andres, associate professor in the School of Life Sciences, will speak at an upcoming Science Café Las Vegas. His talk is titled, "Steroids and Salivary Glands: Why Tissues Respond Differently to Hormones."

Why do tissues within the body respond differently to the same exposure of a hormone such as a steroid? This question is fundamental to understanding the basic biology of how steroids control the development and function of tissues in animals. It also has important medical ramifications related to the prevention and intervention of diseases associated with inappropriate tissue-specific steroid responses such as breast cancer. We use the common fruit fly to investigate these questions because it is well documented that most of what we learn in flies at the cellular and molecular level can be directly applied to humans. Flies are inexpensive and easy to care for, and the scientist has an unprecedented genetic toolbox that allows him/her to easily identify, manipulate, and evaluate virtually any gene in any tissue at any time. Andres will talk about his work on the fly salivary gland, which is analogous to the human tissue. His team is studying this system in order to understand the basic function of exocrine tissues in response to steroid signals.

Come join others for a lively science discussion, delicious food, and fun. Come at 6:30 p.m. to order your food and mingle. Those under 21 are welcome.

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Admission is free and open to the public. Food and drink will not be provided. Any food or drink ordered is paid for separately by each attendee.

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